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DogLife: Bitlife Dogs is a new game from the makers of BitLife simulator

Get to see the world through the eyes of a dog!

DogLife: BitLife Dogs is a role-playing game created by Candywriter LLC, which was first released in November this year on Android and iOS platforms. It is the first and only spin-off of the hit game BitLife. The players will have to choose whether they will be a faithful companion to a loving family with kids or a stray dog living hard on the streets? An unloved mutt at the shelter or a purebred puppy at the pet store? The players will finally get to see and live the life of a dog.

DogLife : Bitlife Dogs: Gameplay and Features

In this game, players can play as a street, house dog, pet store dog, or shelter dog. Upon clicking the “New Life” button, players will get a randomly generated dog and if the player chooses to play as a house dog, there may be other pets within their residence and will have to live with them. But unlike BitLife, players will age 3 months over here once they click the “Age” button.

DogLife: Bitlife Dogs
DogLife: Bitlife Dogs

The game has a lot of features. A few of them include that players will get to view their home, humans, and other animals from Household, Street, Shelter, or Pet Store options. Players can also check the smell of other animals when they sniff them from the Scent Database. There is also a Hierarchy feature where players can check other animals sorted by their respect. The game also provides various activities which let the players act up, attract attention, escape, play alone, start a riot, practice a trick, and surrender.

Finally, the players can see where this epic new text adventure sim takes them. They can choose from dozens of breeds awaiting for them including Labrador retrievers, French bulldogs, German shepherds, golden retrievers, bulldogs, poodles, beagles, rottweilers, dachshunds, corgis, Australian shepherds, Boxers, Great Danes, Huskies, etc.

The game is already out on both iOS and Android platforms. All animal lovers should definitely try out this game and get to experience something unique.

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