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Dragalia Lost Windswept Harbingers Summon Showcase

Since 10:00 PM Pacific Time, January 14 / 2020, the “Windswept Harbingers” Summon Showcase event has been live on Dragalia Lost. From the cold, unrelenting regions of North Grastaea come three new wind characters whose skillets bring new buffing mechanics and expand poison-centred meta.

The two best Wind adventurers, Noelle and Victor, are present in this event too. If your wind team is lacking, consider pulling. Also, bear in mind, the Monster Hunter crossover collaboration is near too, and those characters will be limited time only!

5 Star Limited Adventurers

Kirsty [ Wind / Lance ]

The Rebellious Commander, and Victor’s ex-tutee. Through careful play, Svenitla’s Commander can reach a staggering 80% STR increase by herself. Moreover, she sports innate Poison punisher, though no means of infliction. Kirsty is a conditional heavy hitter who depends on poison-inflicting teammates and avoiding hits that knockback. As a recent addition, it will take some time for the meta to accommodate for her necessities. But once met, she’ll surely step on even the toughest of foes.

4 Star Adventurers

Joachim [ Wind / Bow ]

The Hidden Hunter, and Kirsty’s right-hand man. He carries a very straight-forward kit: He’s a Poison spammer with Poison punisher, who brings individual and team wide STR buffs. He’s a great addition to any Poison based teams, the only drawback is his personal DPS is not stellar. All around solid for a 4-star adventurer.

5 Star Dragons

AC-001 Garland [Wind]

The Revolutionary Warrior, and armored dragon. His gimmick revolves granting a shield to the adventurer he’s equipped to, who in turn reaches an 80% STR increase as long as it’s up. The shield regens every 15 seconds, is divergent (stacks with regular shields) and will block one instance of damage less than 40% of the adventurer’s HP. Tricky to manoeuver, he’s a fine addition if you are missing other prominent wind dragons. Otherwise, Vayu seems to be a better investment.

The featured characters will be present with increased rates during Dragalia Lost‘s Windswept Harbingers event. After the banner ends at 9:59 PM Pacific Time, January 22 / 2020, these characters will remain as part of the regular summoning pool with standard rates.

Other Characters with increased rates include:

  • Victor [ 5 Star – Wind – Blade ]
  • Noelle [ 4 Star – Wind – Wand ]
  • Roc [ 4 Star – Wind ]

Best of luck in your summons in Dragalia Lost Windswept Harbingers event! Stay tuned to GamingonPhone for more mobile video game news. Feel free to hop on over to our Discord and mingle with other mobile gaming enthusiasts.

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