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Dragon Quest Builders: Square Enix’s popular RPG is now available on Android and iOS

Experience the Crafting Hit on your mobile with upgraded DLC features!

Dragon Quest Builders, a popular block-building RPG, is now accessible for iOS and Android devices, according to the announcement by Square Enix. Players can explore multiple terrains in the fun-filled, action-packed game, as well as take advantage of upgraded controls for mobile for a smoother crafting experience, with new DLC including a Boss Monster Model Set, Astronomy Set, Pixel Ring, and Magic Carpet that can be used in Terra Incognita (Free Build Mode).

To mark the occasion, a Release Celebration Sale will be held for the first two weeks following the debut, with the price cut from $29.99 to $21.99.

Experience sandbox gaming with endless building possibilities

In Dragon Quest Builders, players must use their imagination to acquire resources and create unique objects in order to reconstruct Alefgard’s destroyed world. Set in an immersive Dragon Quest story and world, the game offers a sandbox gaming experience with endless building possibilities and an intuitive control system that will have players constructing their own towers and castles to defend the world from the treacherous Dragonlord, an iconic Dragon Quest monster. Classic RPG components in the game will also provide an entertaining, family-friendly gaming experience.

The Terra Incognita DLC brings new gameplay opportunities

The new material in Terra Incognita increases the possibilities of Dragon Quest Builders by allowing players to personalize and travel in new ways within the free-to-play model. The DLC for Terra Incognita adds new gameplay features such as specific block sets, equipment, and more, and it can be purchased through the in-game store. The additional content in Terra Incognita includes:

  • Boss Monster Model Set: Players can unpack several giant posable monster figures that can be added to their worlds.
  • Astronomy Set: Players can light up the night sky with 10 stars and planets to bring the beauty of the galaxy to their backyard.
  • Pixel Ring: More than just a pretty accessory, players can wear a Pixel Ring that grants a higher number of pixels when defeating an enemy in Terra Incognita, which players can then use to create special items on the Dragon Quest Game Pak workstation.
  • Magic Carpet: Builders can use a magic carpet as they observe, build, and explore their structures from the sky, as well as listen to special music as they travel.
  • All-in-One-Pack: A set of the above 4 additional content.

In Terra Incognita, Dragon Quest Builders mobile users may utilize a feature called Building Card to simply show off their creations to other players. Using the Summoning Stone, players may scan other players’ constructions to have them appear on their island. Dragon Quest Builders is available now for Android and iOS. Additional information about Dragon Quest Builders can be found on the official website.

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