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Dragon Quest Tact is heading for a global launch on Android and iOS

Befriend, train, and lead a team of monsters to victory!

The global gaming community is full of players who enjoy role-playing games. This is a genre that typically involves in-depth character customization and player choices that drive the game. A significant number of such players are also into Japanese pop culture and anime, many of whom play JRPG games. One of the oldest and longest-running JRPG franchises is Dragon Quest, which released its first game way back in 1986. The series has numerous titles and spin-offs to its name, across different gaming platforms. Moreover, Square Enix has announced that one of their latest games in the franchise, Dragon Quest Tact, is heading for a global launch on Android and iOS devices and is currently up for pre-registration.

Gameplay Overview

Similar to all the games in the series, Dragon Quest Tact is a Japanese role-playing video game. The game involves tactical gameplay and requires the use of strategy. Players need to select an appropriate roster and position their monsters carefully.

dragon quest tact global launch

Dragon Quest Tact features a team of monsters that the players must guide throughout the battle in order to achieve victory. Players select a team of monsters, which they then train and customize with appropriate items. Monsters are placed across a map where positions are indicated by grids.

dragon quest tact global launch

Players need to place those monsters at appropriate tactical positions to increase their chances of winning. Monsters have different levels of strength and rarity, therefore it is paramount that players select a well balanced roster of monsters, as resources need to be spent carefully.

When will Dragon Quest Tact release

Dragon Quest Tact released for Android and iOS on July 26 2020 in Japan. However, players outside of Japan were not sure as to whether they will be able to play the game. This is because a few of the previous titles in the Dragon Quest franchise did not make it to the global market.

Pre-registration for the game has already begun for Android and will soon begin for iOS. Players who register now will have access to the Closed Beta of the game which is coming very soon. Since the game is expected to release globally in early 2021, all we can do now is wait for further news and wait for the closed beta.

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