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Dynasty Scrolls: The Role-playing Card game is set to release globally on 24th December for Android and iOS

Relive the Tale of the Three Kingdoms and forge your own destiny in this epic retelling of an ancient story of conquest, romance and legends

YOOZOO Games is a global developer and publisher known for its popular mobile games such as Legacy of Discord or Game of Thrones: Winter is Coming. And now they have announced the brand new role-playing card game Dynasty Scrolls which is set for a global release on Android and iOS on December 24, 2020.

Dynasty Scrolls is a vibrant and colorful role-playing mobile game set in the Three Kingdoms period of Ancient China. This is based on a time of conquest, romance, and prosperity. Players start off as young aspiring generals and fight alongside historical figures to become a force to shift the Chinese dynasty. This series has seen overwhelming success in Asia. It accumulated over 200 million registered users and made it to the Top 10 App charts in both Korea and Japan.

Gameplay Overview

The gameplay of Dynasty Scrolls offers a plethora of customization and growth systems. Players can utilize these things to triumph over their opponents and battle for victory. There is a range of PvP and PvE activities such as Sieges, Raids, Warrior Trials, and Overlord Battles. Players can match against hordes of enemies and defeat them in order to retrieve and destroy the original Dynasty Scrolls. Dynasty Scrolls offers players a wide array of activities to pursue as well. You can collect heroes, build lineups and enhance your characters with powers as you tactically build teams.

Dynasty Scrolls release

Dynasty Scrolls offers beautiful character design and environments that were drawn and designed by over 100 visual artists. These designs are inspired by real-life armor and clothing of Ancient China. The aim of the design team was to adapt the Romance of the Three Kingdoms. This is one of the famous treasures of ancient literature filled with grey morality, epic battles, and well-intentioned tragedy. The final result is a vibrant game full of picturesque environments and colorful character designs adding to the rich storytelling.

Key features of Dynasty Scrolls

Dynasty Scrolls release
  • Factions: They diversify and enhance team builds, offering various options of lineups and combos to choose from
  • Affinities: They unlock bonuses and further increase player power, allowing them to face more challenging foes
  • Joint Attacks: These are powerful skills players can unlock through collecting corresponding skill shards and heroes. Then they can deploy regardless of lineup
  • Epic Weapons and Divine Wings: Players can earn them to become stronger and customize the look of their character

When will Dynasty Scrolls release

Currently available for pre-registration, Dynasty Scrolls is set for a global release on December 24th, 2020. In the meantime, you can quickly pre-register yourself for the epic card game on Google Play for Android devices and the App Store for iOS devices.

What is your opinion on the Dynasty Scrolls release for Android and iOS? Do let us know in the comment section below!

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