EA Sports FC Tactical, previously known as Tactical Football is being co-developed by KLab and EA

Tactical Football is getting a brand new look and is going global soon!

In the recently concluded EA Sports FC 24 trailer-launch event, EA announced its plans and expansions with its EA Sports FC brand and own gaming ecosystem. EA is set to expand its range of mobile games with EA Sports FC Mobile and EA Sports FC Tactical. EA Sports FC Tactical, turn-based strategy title has previously been released for early access under the name of Tactical Football in select regions. EA Sports FC Tactical is currently being co-developed by KLab Inc and EA and is gearing up for a global release soon.

EA Sports FC Tactical combines elements from turn-based strategy with soccer

Creating a brand-new football experience, EA Sports FC Tactical combines the expertise of KLab in developing and managing football simulation games with the IP and licensing relationships of EA Sports, and market entrance strategy knowledge.

Featuring fresh turn-based gameplay, the game promises to provide a true-to-life experience at your fingertips while simultaneously providing hyper-real pleasure with fantastical movement.

KLabGames has been involved in various mobile game projects and has had the opportunity to work with many excellent partners, but this collaboration with EA SPORTS was particularly exciting and rewarding. EA SPORTS FC’s latest title is developed based on the experience of KLabGames’ popular soccer title, and we are confident that players around the world will be enthusiastic about it.

And we are really looking forward to working with EA SPORTS FC to contribute to the growth and development of football. Starting with today’s announcement, we are grateful for the opportunity to share our insights and experiences about the game with everyone around the world.

KLab Inc. Executive Officer CGA Shun Fujiyoshi

EA Sports’ Tactical Football promises to improve the realism of virtual football by integrating advanced tactical features. In addition to this, the game will feature over 15,000 authentic football stars from top European football leagues including Premier League, La Liga, Bundesliga, Ligue 1, and Serie A, offering a dynamic management experience.

EA Sports FC Tactical joins EA Sports FC’s upcoming gaming ecosystem

In the EA Sports FC 24 trailer-launch event, EA announced a list of potential upcoming titles for both consoles and mobile that is going to set up its own EA Sports FC gaming ecosystem. Besides the regular console title EA Sports FC 24, there will be an Asian Games exclusive EA Sports FC Online and EA Sports FC Pro, focusing on the game’s esports ventures.

EA Sports FC Mobile, the new rebranded season update version of FIFA Mobile, and EA Sports FC Tactical will be the frontrunners for EA from the mobile titles with further games being under development including World of League Football, a management sim mobile game that has started its early access in the Philippines.

With the game’s global launch around the corner, and with EA’s big plans in setting up its own ecosystem, it is yet to be seen how EA Sports FC Tactical turns out after its full release, if it can live up to its promise of providing a new football experience with tactical strategy-based elements.

Are you excited as EA Sports FC Tactical, being co-developed by KLab Inc and EA is getting a global release soon? Let us know in the comments below!

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