Earth: Revival: Nuverse announced its upcoming sci-fi open-world survival shooter for Android and iOS

Set in 2112, Earth: Revival is an open world survival shooter that features action-packed third person combat!

A new sci-fi open-world survival multiplayer game called Earth: Revival has been announced for mobile platforms and is slated to release in 2023, as announced by the global developer and publisher Nuverse. In the harsh future of Earth: Revival, players take on the role of Survivors and go on an adventure filled with exploration, discovery, warfare, and rebuilding. The game’s future weapons, power armor, cooperative base building, and endgame PvE activities will all have different combat abilities.

Earth: Revival will be available to play for the very first time at Gamescom, B033, Hall 8 where Nuverse will offer attendees a hands-on demo. This will be followed by a Closed Beta which is due to go live across the US, UK, Canada, and Germany from September 2nd, 2022. Registration for the closed beta begins today, lasts until September 1st, and can be done through this link.

Earth: Revival offers a unique combination of open-world exploration, weapon, and power armor combat

The Earth in the 2112 film Earth: Revival is wrecked and ruined as a result of a cosmic war with an unknown alien civilization. Players will battle to retake Earth and rebuild what was lost as Survivors of the conflict against the invaders.

Earth: Revival announced
Image via Nuverse

Open-world exploration, weapon and power armor combat, and elements of the survival genre are all combined in a special way in Earth: Revival. The ability to forage for food in the wild, make weapons and power armor, and establish their own settlements, alone or with friends, will all be available to players.

“We are beyond excited to finally reveal Earth: Revival to gamers across the globe,” said William Lu, Producer on Earth: Revival at Nuverse. “We cannot wait to show you all the world we’ve been building. We’ve always wanted to combine third-person shooter combat mechanics with the open world and survival genres to create a unique synergy that will make the players feel the world is bristling with identity and constantly changing and evolving around them!”

Players will have access to a wide variety of weapons, each with two distinct combat abilities, as well as fully configurable attachments, upgrades, skins, and other accessories in Earth: Revival’s combat system. Here are the key features of this game:

  • Open world exploration: Explore the wild earthscapes of an alien-ravaged future.
  • Customization: Fully customize your character with in-game character design tools, armor, and weaponry 
  • Sci-Fi futuristic arms: Define your play style with a wide array of weapons from the 22nd century.
  • Crafting and gathering: Search and gather supplies, cook food, craft tools and equipment to survive 
  • Monsters Vs Pets: Face the threats of alien creatures, smart mecha, mutant creatures, and hostile forces with the help of tamable fully-armed smart pets
  • Build your base: Construct highly customizable futuristic cabins as your base of operations 
  • Collectables: Craft sci-fi outfits and vehicles to help you survive the perils of Earth  

Additionally, players will be able to take on difficult endgame tasks like PvE raids, team-based competitions, battle royale mode, and lethal boss combat events, as well as communicate with other players in social hubs and in the open world. Each player will have Lydia, a virtual AI partner by their side as they set out to retake the planet. Lydia will aid them in battle and on missions against the game’s many enemies.

Earth: Revival will be hosting its upcoming closed beta

After its recent reveal and debut at this year’s Gamescom, Nuverse has announced its upcoming closed beta test of Earth: Revival, a new multiplayer open-world survival experience coming to mobile devices in 2023. The closed beta test will be available between September 2nd and 18th on Android and will feature open-world exploration, Raid Challenge PvE experience, and multiplayer game modes. Players interested in participating in the closed beta can sign up on the official registration site here for exclusive in-game rewards. Here’s the schedule for the closed beta:

  • September 2nd 8:00 a.m. – September 18th 11:59 p.m. (EDT)
  • September 2nd 2:00 p.m. – September 19th 5:59 a.m. (CEST)

Here are the key features of this CBT:

  • New Area – Ragon Snow Peak: Ragon is an icy biome that teems with winter wildlife. It was a popular tourist attraction in the old age before the alien conflict that ravaged it. Now, it is a frozen landscape that hides mysteries and treasures under a thick layer of ice. Ragon Snow Peak will also challenge players with harsh weather conditions as they embark on their journey to discover the world of Earth: Revival.
  • Exciting Player vs. Player modes: Phospherus Arena (a 4v4 arena mode that will pit players against each other in a closed space), Edengate Elite Challenge (a 12v12 mode based on capturing points and defending), Eden No.1 (a PvEvP public event that will see players collecting alien samples for biological research)
  • More weapons, power armors, and a range of support pets will be available for players to join them on their outdoor adventures

The Closed Beta Cosmetic Outfits will be given out as a reward for those who attend this CBT on the mentioned dates.

Are you excited as Earth: Revival has been announced by Nuverse? Let us know in the comments below!

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