eFootball 2023 brings its Season 2 update with National-themed players, Match Pass and more

Enjoy the upcoming World Cup 2022 with the new Football Festival!

eFootball 2023 is all set to introduce a brand new season of football entertainment with the latest Season 2 update coming to all platforms, which will be live from 17th November. The official social media accounts of KONAMI‘s football title also have some exciting events with lucrative rewards, which does make the fans excited, and waiting for what is coming next.

With the football’s mega event FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 in the corner, Season 2 aims to bring a lot more National Teams events to the scene. In this article, we will cover all the details regarding the upcoming eFootball 2023 Season 2.

eFootball 2023 Season 2: The Football Festival

KONAMI does give creative names to their events with a lot of them aimed towards their events and what theme they will carry, and this time too, they’ve themed it around the name the “Football Festival.” Without any doubt, this does give us an indication of the next event in the World Cup, and with all the eyes on the National Teams participating to take home the coveted grand prize, it is no surprise that the eFootball house has come up with a season update just a few days before the amazing event.

The release of the update will be version 2.2.0, and the players can get their hands on the update which going to release on the 16th of November, a day after which the Season 2 update will be live.

eFootball 2023 Season 2: Events and Rewards

eFootball 2023 Season 2 will feature interesting matchups with a focus mainly on National Team events, and the list goes pretty well considering the events they had for the Euro 2020 event.

1. National Teams Trial Match

The Season 2 Update will feature the National Teams trial matches, well, of course, will contain preset National squads consisting of the names who will represent their countries in the grandest stage of them all. Also, console-exclusive 2v2 matchups will also be featured, which is offline only.

2. International Cup and the AI Experience

As announced earlier, the eFootball International Cup 2022 will be featured with the Season 2 update, which will have players all around the world compete for the best of rewards and represent their chosen country to glory. A total of 1 billion eFootball coins, yes you heard it right, not GP, is getting distributed among the users which will feature the weekend-only ranking from the top 50 to determine who takes the cake. Players can contribute either by scoring goals or securing wins with the team they represent.

eFootball 2023 International Cup Experience
eFootball 2023 International Cup Experience

However, with the same format, KONAMI has played well in introducing the first of its own vs AI knockout showdown, titled The International Cup experience. This aims to get a feel of the knockout tournament vs AI teams, which will be amazing to the ones who were majorly missing a new game mode. Users have to play matches to advance through the group stage, topple the opposition in the knockout stage and then lift the trophy, which will be a road to glory.

3. National Tour and Challenge Events

Just like every season, National themed Tour Events and Challenge Events are featured, which will reward the players enough to keep their interest in the game. These are limited-period events, however, and will keep on changing until the course of the season.

4. National-themed players and POTW

These are bound to happen, aren’t they? National Teams mean more players, and those who have etched their names in the history books of football will come alive as the players who are available to purchase for your Dream Team. Players such as Diego Maradona and Neymar are already in the news, who’ll be live with a different card theme.

eFootball National Team Card Designs -Image via KONAMI
eFootball National Team Card Designs -Image via KONAMI

The commentary team will also be making special remarks for certain players. This helps create an immersive experience as if all are watching a live broadcast and bearing witness to those unforgettable moments in real-time. Those players will also be able to perform a “Monumental Celebration,” which is the exact goal celebration that they performed in the highlighted match. The addition of past soccer stars makes Dream Team all the more enjoyable.

National-themed packs will be available in the shop, and all are Premium packs, so don’t forget to claim your favorite National Team players. Also, the POTW will feature the standouts from the World Cup games, which means players have a chance to get the best national team performers in their squad, throughout the season!

5. Introducing the Match Pass

eFootball Match Pass
eFootball Match Pass coming in Season 2

Anticipated Match Pass will be live as well, which will be of three tiers: Regular, Value, and Premium. Yes, you will have to unlock each tier step by step, for which you can use eFootball Coins. Do note that the matches played in modes: Online Quick Match, Friend Match, Trial Match, or Training, are not eligible for Match Pass rewards.

Final Thoughts

With FIFA World Cup 2022 coming up, eFootball did have a lot at stake since the change from PES to eFootball wasn’t easy, and the fans of the game weren’t considering that switch to be pleasant either. But with these events coming and the updating of the game in terms of seasons, it has become a very good development in the creative side of the game.

The Football Festival-themed event is packing a lot of excitement with the events, especially the Cup tournament against the AI sides will be interesting for the players. The rewards and player packs also look neat, and the Match Pass will also get the players going for rewards and the objectives might also see a refresh. Overall, this is something worthy of a wait.

What are your thoughts on the upcoming eFootball 2023 Season 2 update? Are you excited about the events to follow? Let us know in the comments below.

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