eFootball PES 2020: Format & Schedule of UEFA EURO 2020™ Matchday event

eFootball PES 2020 publishers KONAMI has announced in their website and social media handles about the UEFA EURO 2020™ Matchday events which are currently ongoing in the EURO Mode in PES. On 13th July 2020, the matchdays started with the commencement of the first week fixtures. Even though players were disappointed about the EURO Datapack update which rolled in last month, the matchday schedule and fixtures have given something to play in the game. Amidst all the events and matchdays, there are still confusions regarding the matchday commencement, the qualification process, points system and rewards. To clarify your doubts, we have compiled all the necessary information in this article.

UEFA EURO 2020™ Matchday event format

The UEFA EURO 2020™ Matchday event will follow the Tournament format in PES 2020, just like how the official UEFA competitions are conducted. A total of 51 Matchdays are played from July to August. The basic distribution process includes placing the National Teams into different groups. In total, there are 24 Nations that are participating, where these teams are equally distributed to form 6 Groups. Each group has 4 squads each. The distribution of the squads are as follows:

GROUP AItalySwitzerlandTurkeyWales
GROUP BBelgiumDenmarkFinlandRussia
GROUP CAustriaNetherlandsUkraineKosovo*
GROUP DEnglandCroatiaCzech RepublicSerbia*
GROUP EPolandSpainSwedenIreland*
GROUP FPortugalGermanyFranceHungary*

*indicates teams have qualified on the basis of points achieved till the end of 09/07 matchday.

To avoid usage of players that are better than the current lot, preset teams are used in matchdays. So, the players in every squad will represent their nationality only.

Group Stage

The above teams are pit against each other in matchday. Each group will have a total of 6 matches, excluding the reverse fixtures between the squads. So, one team will face the rest of the squads only once within the group. During the matches held, one team will be the HOME team, while the other squad will be the AWAY team. The reasons for this classification is not known still.

Out of these teams, the top two squads from each group will qualify to the Knockout Stages in the UEFA EURO 2020™ Matchday. But to balance the knockouts, four 3rd placed teams from these groups will get to play the knockouts. However, they are decided by their total points tally. So, a total of 16 teams will be participating in the knockouts.

Here’s the full schedule of the Group Stage matchdays for you:

PES 2020 EURO 2020 Matchday Group stage
Full schedule of the Group Stage Matchdays

Points distribution

Players should pick a side in every UEFA EURO 2020™ matchday and accumulate points, just like any other regular matchday. The team with the highest points will have a 1-0 advantage. In the matchday finale, one player above 300 rank will be picked for the faceoff. Depending upon their match result, points are accumulated to each team. This will continue for all matchdays.

Knockout stages

After the group stages are done, the knockouts will begin. They follow the same pattern, but in this case, only the final scoreline at the end of each matchday taken into consideration. These are single fixtures, without return games like the group stages. The team which wins in every matchday during the knockouts will be the winner of the UEFA EURO 2020™ Tournament.

Knockout Stage in PES 2020
Knockout Stages (Source: KONAMI)

Which factors will be looked into for qualifying to Knockouts?

In some cases, the teams will end up having equal points, thus the qualification process is under test. If teams are tied on points after the conclusion of all matches, the following criteria will be used to determine each team’s ranking. They are listed accordingly priority wise:

  • Head to Head record between the two teams is given the first priority. Points in the matches held between the tied teams are taken into consideration.
  • Goal difference in the matches held between the tied teams. For instance, if team A has won the first match 4-0 but lost 3-0 to team B, team A will qualify in terms of goal difference.
  • The third priority is to the goals scored in the matches held between the tied teams.

If any ties remain unresolved after this process, like both the teams have a 0-0 draw in both the matches, following criterions are considered:

  • Total goal difference from all group stage matches.
  • Goals scored in all group stage matches.
  • Number of wins in the group stage.
  • Event points earned in the group stage.

How will the Winners be determined?

  • A separate event will be held for each Matchday Class (Basic, Intermediate and Expert). The country that wins the majority of classes will be determined the winner of each platform.
  • Results from all platforms will then be aggregated to determine which country is the overall winner. The winners are classified by area, rank and mode. For Xbox, Steam and Mobile, areas are not considered. For example, the image below shows the criteria of selecting the winner in different platforms:
WInners in UEFA EURO 2020

UEFA EURO 2020™ Matchday event full schedule

The matchdays will be held every day. The fixtures that are going to be held on a particular day will be mentioned in the official KONAMI website. UEFA EURO 2020™ Matchday event will be available in PES 2020 from 13th July to 22nd August 2020. The schedule is as follows:

Group Stage Matches3613th July, 2020 to 26th July, 2020
Round of 16 Matches830th July, 2020 to 2nd August, 2020
Quarter Final Matches48th and 9th August, 2020
Semi Final Matches215th and 16th August, 2020
Final Matchday122nd August, 2020
Schedule for Matchday

Rewards in UEFA EURO 2020™ Matchday

There are rewards for each matchday event. These matchdays continue till the final, while there might be changes with/without notice. You receive rewards upto 4,000 points, after which is the 1,500GP at regular intervals of 1000 points. As the rewards for the knockout matches are yet to be released by KONAMI, the rewards for every group stage matchday is as follows:

500Silver+ agent x2
1000Gold+ agent x2
15003* Special Trainers x5
200010/15/20 MyClub coins*
2500Silver+ agent x2
3000Gold+ agent x2
35003* Special Trainers x5
400010/15/20 MyClub coins*
Rewards for each Group Stage Matchday

*coin rewards for Basic/Intermediate/Expert

This is for one matchday event, when we combine, we get 4 Silver+ and 4 Gold+ agents along with 10 3* Trainers and 20/30/40 coins. Also, if we consider the complete Group stage matchdays, which are 36 in number, the total rewards are as follows:

Silver+ agents144
Gold+ agents144
3* Special Trainers360
Total rewards after 36 Group Stage Matchdays

These rewards should have been better, as matchmaking in split matchdays are delayed and thus the rewards are not worth the effort. But this is a good opportunity for those players who are out of coins, and thus can farm agents and coins by spending extra time in the game.

Although there haven’t been any confirmations about the rewards for the knockout matchdays, it might follow a similar pattern but there is no harm to expect better rewards.

Upcoming features of UEFA EURO 2020™ mode in PES

Matchday themed Players of the Week (POTW)

As the official UEFA EURO tournament is not going to be held this year due to the pandemic, the players will not be available in a featured draw based on real-life performance. However, to make things exciting, KONAMI has decided to give out Featured EURO themed players on the basis of matchday performance. Whenever the players play matchday, best performing players will be featured based on overall match results from the UEFA EURO 2020™ Matchday competition. So, this will be available in-game as ‘POTW: UEFA EURO 2020™‘.

PES EURO 2020 Matchday
Upcoming features in UEFA EURO 2020 Matchday event

Predict-the-Winner Campaign

This is a campaign by KONAMI that grant you coins as rewards. However, this is a guessing game, where you have to predict the eventual winner of the UEFA EURO 2020™ tournament in PES 2020. So, as a reward, distribution of a grand total of 100 million MyClub coins among users to those who accurately predict the winner.

Is there any information regarding the UEFA EURO 2020 Matchday event in PES 2020 that we missed out? Feel free to let us know in the comment section below!

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