eFootball Season Program 2019-20: Rescheduled Dates and Information

One of the most recent discussions about PES 2020 was the eFootball Season Program. Most of them were left confused when KONAMI announced the postponement of the program on 16th April 2020. The news was that the eFootball Season Program 2019-20 has been postponed, due to the ongoing pandemic that troubled most of their plans. With this, players had a lot of questions regarding the next plans that KONAMI had. On 7th May 2020, KONAMI announced the rescheduling of the eFootball Season Program for 2019-20. Again, there are questions regarding the same, which many feel it isn’t clarified. To clear all doubts, we have come up with this article with details regarding the program.

Confusions regarding eFootball.Open and eFootball Season Program

Often players are confused on these modes on where to register and what rewards we get. For instance, most players search in the eFootball.Open section for info on their points and panic if they don’t see them. So, to clear out confusions, eFootball.Open is for competitive players, on console. They will compete in Matchday modes like everyone else, but best performers will compete in the Online Finals, Regional finals and finally World Finals. If you have seen KONAMI streaming live matches of 10 teams with three players in each, you will understand better.

eFootball Season Program is a purely rewarding online event by KONAMI. This is because to engage players in more online matches. This mode is in terms of mode called Matchday. All your matches will yield you points, depending on your squad rating and match result (W/L/D). Below there are all necessary details required for the Season Program.

eFootball Season Program 2019-20: Rescheduled dates

In KONAMI’s announcement, the deadline for the joining the competition has been extended. So, if there are still who haven’t registered or there are new players to join it, don’t miss the chance. Also, there are revised deadline dates for earning points to earn eFootball Season Program rewards and distribution of those awards.

Registration Deadline for eFootball Season Program (This is the 3rd round of registration)24th May, 2020 23:59 UTC
Last date for earning season points24th May, 2020 23:59 UTC
 Distribution of Registration rewards of 300 coins* (For 3rd round and for those who didn’t receive it yet even if you registered earlier)4th June, 2020  
Distribution of eFootball Season Program rewards* (On the basis of your points, also distributed to those who didn’t get it last time)11th June, 2020

*- Rewards will be distributed after maintenance

How to register in eFootball Season Program

1) Search for the eFootball.Pro website or follow the below link. This link will directly send you to the registration page.

efootball season program

2) Login using your KONAMI ID and Password. However, if you don’t have a KONAMI ID, follow the link to create one.

3) If you recently created your KONAMI ID, go to your game and link your game data under Link Data settings. This is important because this will help in reflecting the accumulated points of your account.

4) Select your platform (Mobile, PC etc) and Region (Europe, Americas, Asia). Select the team of your choice out of the 10 teams. However, prefer the team of which you have most players. This will help in gaining more Matchday points per match.

5) Participate in Custom Matchdays (matchdays where you will have to use your players, not the preset ones). Because points accumulated in preset matchday are not considered.

Rewards distribution according to Points earned

The rewards that you receive is on the basis of points earned. It is important to know because it will avoid further confusions.

2,500100 MyClub Coins
5,0001 Gold Ball+ agent *
7,500200 MyClub Coins
10,0001 Black Ball agent *
15,000300 MyClub Coins
20,0001 Black Ball agent *
25,000400 MyClub Coins
30,0002 Black Ball agents *
40,000500 MyClub Coins
50,0001 ★ 5 Scout *
100,0001 ★ 5 Scout *
150,0001 ★ 5 Scouts *
Source: KONAMI

*- All the agents and scouts you receive are from your selected club. However, you can sign only one player from each scout/agent.

Earning points and rewards in eFootball Season Program 2019-20

You can earn points while playing the weekly matchday mode. Matchdays which gives you coins rewards are not under eFootball Season Program. In particular, custom matchdays provide you the points for earning rewards. These matchdays are from Friday – Sunday.

If you have played matches and earned some points, you can check your total points accumulated using the following link:

pes 2020 season program

However, sometimes the site takes time to update the actual number of points. Stay patient and then refresh to see the updated list.

Important points to remember

  1. The entry details cannot be changed once submitted. So, make sure you have submitted the correct details of your account.
  2. The rewards you get for accumulated points will not be received again in other rounds. For example, if you already have received rewards for earning 20,000 points, then the rewards for these will not be received if you score 40,000 points in the 2nd round. In conclusion, points collected at the end of every round is addition of the 1st round points and the current points.
  3. You should play using your selected team only. For instance, If you use other teams in Matchday, those points will not be counted.
  4. Teams that feature should be selected from eFootball Pro Matchday only. If your selected matchday team features in League or Home vs Away events, then those points will not be considered.

If you have any queries regarding eFootball Season Program 2019-20, feel free to ask your doubts in the comment section below.

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Shaikh shakir

I have registered with Fc Barcelona, In today matchday can I earn season program points ?

Naman Kakkar

I am worry about my match day points .
I play a lot to complete the 40k points but still I did not get it . I don’t know the too.
Even now I am playing the event still not adding to that points.
what should I DO . PLZZZZZ………. reply that fast.

Sayak Mitra

Play the matchday that will be starting from this Friday ie 22nd. Where you need to use your own teams and not preset teams for your registered club. Get your desired set of points as the site which keeps a track of the matchday points needs time to be updated. Finish your matchday this weekend with 40k points and you may tally it with the site post-monday when the site gets updated.


I have registered and player and gained upto 1600 points but still i have been checking the points it doesn’t add up but shows zero. Why is that happening help please

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