Eggy Party brings Candy Sweethearts seasonal event with new Stages & Outfits to the game

The Eggies will soon be as sweet as chocolate Easter Eggs!

The Candy Sweethearts seasonal event for Eggy Party has begun today, on June 30th, announced NetEase Games, the online games division of NetEase, Inc. The event’s theme is the beautiful world of desserts, so those with a sweet tooth will find a ton of yummy new gear to unlock and minigames to play.

Candy Sweethearts seasonal event features 10 new maps in Eggy Party

From June 30 to August 3rd, the Candy Sweethearts event will be taking place. Ten new maps, including Jellybean Jamboree, Sweet Egg-scape, The Mixing Bowl, Chocolate Fountain, and more, are added to Eggy Party as part of this seasonal event.

The Candy Sweethearts Activity Tasks are available alongside these new maps, and they let players take part in unique activities to earn Gummies and trade them for Star Candy, which they can use to purchase clothing and accessories in the Season Store.

Image via NetEase

In addition, a lot of unusual products will be available for purchase at the Candy Sweethearts event. The new season has its own Party Pass that includes gear, like the Cute Dove Outfit, and accessories, that are only available to players who complete the Activity Tasks. You can get wonderful and adorable stuff like the Chichi, Long-Bill, and Chirpy outfits as well as more Shiny Coins and Egg Coins if you purchase the pass and complete the assignments!

The game also brings Candy Sweethearts Season Mystery Box with their new outfits and rewards

Eggy Party Candy Sweethearts event
Image via NetEase

The Candy Sweethearts Season Mystery Box, which contains brand-new outfits like the Rainbow Witch, Wish Fairy, Honey Prince, and others, is another way to gain swag and loot in Eggy Party outside using the Party Pass. The Candy Sweethearts event will also have its unique Season Ranking Rewards. You can gain access to premium items like the Marshmallow Avatar Frame, Candy Cane accessory, and Chocolate Store Clerk outfit by completing Egg Rank Tasks and rising in the rankings.

The theme of the Candy Sweethearts event is sweetness, both in terms of flavor and appearance. Although winning minigames often demand you to be the better player, establish hurried alliances, and cut loose your new friends when victory is within reach, this does not mean that your Eggy has to be nice. In one of the most Eggscellent games of the year, your Eggy can look as good as a dessert and you can play them any way you wish.

Are you excited about the Candy Sweethearts seasonal event in Eggy Party? Let us know in the comment section below!

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