Eggy Party: NetEase’s Fall Guys-like mobile game will release in the Philippines on April 21st

With the Philippines as the first country and platform, NetEase Games has announced the release of Eggy Party to be slated for Android devices on April 21st. During a Creator Recruiting Event leading up to the launch, content producers from all around the world will be granted early access to Eggy Party so they may interact with the game’s map creator and post their creations on social media, enabling everyone to play through stages they have designed.

The game was first announced in January 2021 for China and later it was announced for the global audience with a closed beta test that happened earlier in January 2023.

Eggy Party launch provides players with the opportunity to unleash their creativity

Eggy Party is a casual party game for mobile devices that involves competing against other players in fun and exciting minigames such as Downhill Derby, where the aim is to reach the end of the stage while avoiding obstacles that could throw you off the edge.

Eggy Party Philippines release
Image via NetEase Games

Another exciting mode is Rock Slide, in which all players try to dodge an increasing number of a giant rock that are barrelling down toward them. In Eggy Party, players have control of the cute Eggy characters, which can be customized with various adorable outfits, expressions, and emotes.

Once your Eggy is ready to play, they will have to run, jump, and roll through each stage, as the number of competitors is whittled down each round, until the grand prize is given to the last remaining Eggy. Although it may seem like a fast-paced game, Eggy Party was designed with mobile in mind, especially regarding its controls, which were optimized for touchscreen usage.

The Eggy Workshop, which enables everyone to create their own maps and gaming types, gives players in the Eggy Party launch version the chance to express their creativity. Before granting them access to the map editor, which allows users to change the stage’s design and add various environmental dangers and objects, this mode lets players select from a range of events.

Image via NetEase Games

During the game’s beta testing, the Eggy Workshop witnessed some incredible inventions, and soon, players will have the opportunity to showcase their skills by building the most difficult stages.

To kick off the arrival of Eggy Party in the Philippines, developers are hosting a Creator Recruitment Event

A Creator Recruiting Event is being held by the developers to mark the beginning of Eggy Party’s arrival in the Philippines. Players from all over the world are welcome to participate, and those who do are encouraged to post their creations online.

Players from all over the world are welcome to join the fun and showcase their creative game concepts since the recruiting is not just limited to Filipinos. Fill out the application form to register for the event. Those who take part in the Creator Recruiting Event will receive in-game incentives.

All mapmakers and content producers are invited to participate in the fun during the Creator Recruiting Event. You will be in charge of making interesting and intriguing maps that will keep gamers interested, paying special attention to those with exciting designs and engrossing gameplay.

The task of generating videos about Eggy Party will fall to content producers in the meantime, with a focus on fan-made material. To promote Eggy Party and demonstrate how much fun it can be, these videos will be shared on popular social media sites like YouTube, TikTok, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram once they have been created.

Are you excited as Eggy Party will release in the Philippines on April 21st? Let us know in the comment section below!

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