Elvenar introduces Gateway to The Past event brings in-game rewards

Play the favorite board game of an old Dwarven king!

The fantasy city-building game Elvenar by InnoGames offers players the option of creating an empire of strong magical elves or humanity. Players will have the opportunity to play the old Dwarven king’s favorite board game in this brand-new Gateway to the Past event in Elvenar. This year’s event is held from August 2 through August 24, 2022.

Have fun in the Gateway to The Past event with a new merge mechanic

Thalita, a Dwarven trader with a unique and intriguing board game to play, introduces the event. The game’s virtual world contains an entire country, and by following Thalita’s instructions, players can inch closer to the Dwarven Citadel.

Elvenar Gateway to The Past board
Image via InnoGames

In order to increase the complexity and enjoyment factor of event progression, a new merge mechanic has been created. By fulfilling Thalita’s duties, players can gather Dwarven Chips, which are then utilized to produce game pieces. Combining components can result in new, occasionally more difficult-to-find pieces. Game pieces can be exchanged with Dwarves for triumph gems and rewards, but the best trades require both skill and luck when deciding how the game pieces spawn and whether to trade or merge.

Elvenar Gateway to The Past event to feature amazing rewards

The Dwarven Citadel itself is one of the main prizes in the competition. Successful players can combine the pieces they receive throughout the game to create a permanent building in their towns. For skilled players, this resource will also yield sentient items, knowledge points, units, and Vitality Surge instants with a value of 5%.

Daily Prizes also offer the chance to win additional themed structures like the Lunar Factory, which draws its enormous supply of mana from the crystal source, the Solar Training Grounds, which serve as a population center, and the Orc Warriors, who guard the dwarven games’ course. The Warriors Gate, which gives everyone who enters the Citadel a cultural boost, is another thrilling Daily Prize that can be obtained.

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