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Epic Games will now ban users guilty of Trade Scams with the recent Fortnite update

Scammers be-aware!

Epic Games is reportedly set to tighten up the screw-on scammers guilty of being involved in Trade Scams in the game Fortnite according to data miner and content creator, ShiinaBR. Players will be able to report other players given they are the victims of such mishappenings.

Cases of Trade Scams have been on a rise in Fortnite recently

Video games are meant to be played for fun, for relaxing after a day of hard work, but scams like the one mentioned always tend to spoil the fun for everyone involved, especially in a game like Fortnite where the anti-cheat system implemented by the developers Epic games mean that you have to grind for each and every cent of the resources available in your inventory.

Trade Scammers have been on a grind too recently and all for bad reasons, many players and creators have made Youtube videos lately about how a scammer took their valuable resources in the game.

Epic Games however has reportedly decided to take action on these online trolls and ban them for good with the upcoming Save the World Fortnite update, according to the reliable source of ShiinaBR.

This update will surely be welcomed by many victims of such incidents in the game worldwide. Players on Fortnite after experiencing these incidents can now report these players guilty of such acts and Epic Games will go on to ban their accounts from the game for good.

Fortnite Traffic Lights locations
Image via Epic Games

The move will be another towards Epic Games’ push for creating an equal Fairplay experience for players all across the globe, along with their anti-cheat system. Trade Scams have been a real issue in the game for many months and even years in Fortnite, with this step Epic Games has taken the right step in the right direction, which will surely be appreciated and welcomed by fans from all across the world.

What are your thoughts on the new measures taken by Epic Games against the Fortnite Trade Scams? Let us know in the comments below!

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