Ethernia: SuperGaming announces its upcoming web3 tower defense game

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Ethernia, a brand-new Web3 game for mobile that will release in October 2022, has been unveiled by SuperGaming. Players will put together a team, engage in massive combat, and strategize their route to triumph in Ethernia.

The development of Ethernia began at the beginning of 2022. It is a component of SuperGaming’s multi-year, multi-game initiative to alter the way games are played while maintaining the company’s player-first and community-driven strategy established since its foundation.

Ethernia emphasizes the fun factor missing from Web3 games

Most Web3 games aren’t even games or fun, which is one of the major problems afflicting this emerging ecosystem, and this is what SuperGaming intends to address with the release of Ethernia. Additionally, they have elevated their player-first strategy by fusing the strength of Web3 with our expertise in free-to-play to enable our users to own in-game assets.

With the cutting-edge possibilities of the blockchain and tried-and-true gameplay principles that are pleasant and available to everyone, Ethernia is a game that everyone can enjoy. The economics is just as significant in Web3 games as the gameplay itself. The economy of Ethernia was created with the goal of creating a long-lasting game that adheres to the SuperGaming philosophy of creating engaging entertainment.

Ethernia combat
Ethernia release (Image via SuperGaming)

The Polygon blockchain is the engine behind Ethernia. It is consistent with SuperGaming’s concept of a vibrant economy, low gas costs, and a solid network that would make playing Ethernia a seamless experience for gamers.

Pre-registration for Ethernia has already crossed 150,000 players in the first week of going live 

On the game’s official website, the pre-registration for Ethernia is currently open, and more than 150,000 gamers joined during the first week. The native token for Ethernia, 500mETN, is one of the waitlist rewards.–2Ii_0

Prior to the release in October 2022, additional information about the Whitepaper and Tokenomics of Ethernia will be made available. There will also be a number of contests and airdrops. Expect a more thorough examination of its factions, lore, and gameplay as well.

Are you excited as SuperGaming announces the release of Ethernia? Let us know in the comments below!

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