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EVE: Echoes Open Beta is now available for limited devices

Even though some EVE online games have been announced for mobile, EVE: Echoes appears to be the first mobile adaptation to become fruitful. Previously, NetEase and CCP Games had announced that beta test will be available soon in the market. However, the dates were not confirmed. Eve Echoes Open Beta is, however, now available to play.

About the game

NetEase paired up with CCP Games to develop this game. Thus, we can assume that the game will have plenty of in-app purchases.

Eve Echoes gameplay offers a sandbox experience where a player gets to team up with other pilots in order to shape the persistent universe. It is a next-gen mobile MMO game based on EVE Online design principles.

Players are free to engage in interstellar combat, resource collection, industrial manufacturing, trade, exploration. There are many other activities across thousands of planetary systems.

Players are allowed to explore and develop a massive galaxy in EVE: Echoes. There are over 100 ships to choose from and large-scale battles can also be fought by joining corporations.

EVE Echoes Device Limits for the Open Beta

EVE: Echoes Open Beta Device Limit

The game is still developing and available to test on open Beta mode. However, not all phones can access the game’s Open Beta for testing. The Developers specified a list of mobile devices which will have access to open Beta of the game. The list also contains the CPU requirement for testing the game. Here you can check out if you can access the Open Beta version of EVE: Echoes.

If you want to download the game on Android then click here and for iOS, click here.

Are you able to get the game? Do let us know in the comments section below. If you want to know more about upcoming mobile games, feel free to visit here. And, if you are looking for a bunch of mobile gamers to hang out, join our community Discord today!

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