Fallout Shelter has grown its daily revenue by 10 times following the TV series premiere

A huge boost!

The Fallout TV series on Amazon Prime has been a big hit, drawing in both new and returning fans to the Fallout universe. One game that’s seen a massive boost from this renewed interest is Fallout Shelter, the mobile game, which has reportedly grown its daily revenue a whopping 10 times, benefitting from the release.

Fallout Shelter has been able to bank on the TV series’ popularity

Initially released in 2015 as part of the popular Fallout franchise, Fallout Shelter saw steady success but experienced a significant surge in revenue following the TV series debut. Before the series, the game was making around $18k per day, but after the show aired on April 10, 2024, that number skyrocketed to over $200k per day.

Fallout Shelter revenue appmagic
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For three weeks now, the number has remained constant, as mentioned in the AppMagic report. Bethesda, the developer, made the most of this to offer exclusive content tied to the TV series. They released new characters and companions that were inspired by the show, along with themed quests that players could complete.

This worked, it drew in new players and kept the existing ones engaged because they had to progress in the game to get the new content. Thanks to the changes made by the developer with the presentation and app store optimization, Fallout Shelter ascended to the top of the post-apocalyptic mobile games section and has remained there for over two weeks.

Overall, this collaboration between the TV series and the mobile game has turned out to be a winning formula, indicating the franchise development potential across all media platforms. I say this might vary down in the coming weeks, but this daily revenue boost for Fallout Shelter would have been such wonderful news for the developer that might have ignited to work better on a near-decade-old release.

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