Century Games hits $2 Billion in revenue from user spending

$3 Billion next!

In a market where user spending is being cut down a bit, I have some special news to share. Well, maybe you identified it from the title itself. Century Games has made headlines by earning a staggering $2 Billion in revenue solely from user spending. Curious about how they achieved it? Well, I’m as excited as you to share.

Whiteout Survival is Century Games’ top earning game, followed by the Family Farm series

In a report shared by AppMagic, one of the leading app analytic sites, we can see the revenue reports of all the Century Games’ titles to date. With over 14 years of experience in the gaming industry, their portfolio of games is impressive with titles such as Family Farm Seaside, Among Gods! RPG Adventure, Awaken: Chaos Era, Frozen City, and Dragonscapes Adventure to name a few.

Century Games games revenue ranked
Image via AppMagic

The report tells us that Whiteout Survival, Family Farm Seaside, and Family Farm Adventure respectively take the first three places for revenue, accounting for 28%, 13%, and 13%. Well, we can point out that their “farming” games are kind of a player attractor and do pretty good business. One more game that caught my attention was Frozen City, which has amassed over $40 million in revenue within a year of release.

As we speak about region-wise distribution, the US accounts for the largest share at 31%, followed by China at 12%, and South Korea at 10%. In terms of mobile platforms, 56% of their revenue comes from the iOS App Store, while the remaining 44% is generated from Android devices Google Play Store. Well, these are some impressive numbers.

Century Games can credit its diversity of games across multiple genres

Well, I believe one of the reasons for Century Games amassing $2 Billion is how they develop games across multiple genres. Let me take their examples, for something casual, they introduced Family Farm Seaside and Frozen City, which the latter also gives you an element of survival alongside city-building and simulation, whereas Enigmite’s Prophecy brings puzzle RPG, and there are strategy games in the mix too.

Frozen City Game Survival Guide Cover
Image via Century Games Pte. Ltd.

The credit should go to the constant efforts they have put in. They have had simple yet addictive games till now, and it has given them the results. Just like how the report mentions it, even I don’t see it as a surprise if they break past the $3 Billion barrier by the end of the year, since these games aren’t going off the trend anytime soon.

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