Spy Pet, an online service is reportedly archiving and selling Discord data

A huge relevation!

An alarming development has emerged with the unveiling of an online service known as Spy Pet, which is actively scraping data from servers of the highly popular social platform Discord. This data includes the messages and activities of users; the claimed scope of tracking over 14,000 servers, 600 million users, and accumulating a vast database of over 4 billion messages.

Spy Pet has a simple login model with crypto payment

As reported by Joesph Cox from 404 Media, Spy Pet works on a profoundly simple model where one can get access to this data for only $5 in cryptocurrency and get five hundred credits with which they can spend. One needs to pay 10 credits or 10 cents with each search to look up some particular individual.

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Image via Discord

The result of this operation to the users on Discord is very high since it allows third parties to keep track of their behavior on other Discord servers without their explicit consent. However, despite Spy Pet’s claims of privacy protection, this service fundamentally changes the decentralized nature of Discord’s platform, making users vulnerable to much higher privacy invasion.

The creator of Spy Pet listed various use cases for the service intended, such as spying on cybercriminals over multiple chats, using for open-source intelligence activities, and even helping people around by trying to monitor peers on Discord. Well, the site’s stance is pretty clear on it while sharing the details regarding tracked servers, messages logged, and other info.

spy pet website
Image via Spy Pet Website

Discord has announced that an investigation by itself is currently underway about Spy Pet, though nothing is in the way of legal action taken against such a service. However, as things are right now, there seems to be a lot of concern about the privacy and security of Discord users’ data with the existence of Spy Pet.

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