Fallout Shelter Online may finally be releasing in English

Fallout Shelter Online, the so-called “official sequel” to the ever-popular mobile spin-off, maybe finally leaving the Chinese market. Released back in 2017, fans were upset to find out that the game was exclusive to China. That is, of course, until some hints regarding its global launch appeared as of recently.

The App Store lists the game as being available around the 22nd of April. There’s, however, no official statement to be found on the matter, except one official website that shows the opening of pre-registration.

Fallout Shelter Online trailer.

What’s new?

Fallout Shelter Online solves a problem most of the fanbase had with the original game when it first released: its lack of online functionalities. The new entry on the series introduces PvP as well as player interaction for the first time. Alongside this, there happens to be some sort of “adventure mode”, where the player must ” Track down the missing former overseer of your Vault”.

With the wave of new features, though, comes a new series of hindrances, as a new gatcha element has been introduced as well. The original Fallout Shelter wasn’t a stranger to these types of mechanics. There, they were never as prominent because of the singleplayer experience it provided. Seeing how PvP is present on this entry, it’s only fair to assume that those willing to pay are going to have an advantage.

Fallout Shelter Online gameplay.

Arriving three years too late, it’s hard to judge if Fallout Shelter Online will perform as well as its predecessor. We’ll see if the game has enough substance to please both old and new audiences once it releases in the near future.

That’s everything as of today! Stay tuned in order to never miss any new information! Also, make sure to visit our Discord server for more Mobile gaming discussions.

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