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Fan imagines Fortnite x Pokémon collaboration and the video goes viral already

Don't write off a Fortnite x Pokémon collab just yet!

A fan of Fortnite and Pokémon has reportedly made a new video for a fan-based concept of an unofficial Fortnite and Pokémon collaboration. The post on Twitter since the original posting has amassed over 3.8 Million likes and around 40 thousand likes thus going Viral with fans all over the world appreciating the concept and idea of a crossover between the two gaming giants.

The video has sparked an idea that many fans from both communities want to come true

Although the video created by the Twitter user Feraals was just an idea, it has raged an online discussion amongst the fans of both communities, with mostly everyone appreciating the concept and demanding an actual collaboration between Fortnite and Pokémon. Considering that both Fortnite and Pokemon have millions of fans all over the world, there is no doubt that this collaboration will be very successful.

Fortnite has a history of collaborating with many other creators and developers so it is possible to get a collab between the two games, but we can’t see it happening anytime soon. Given the background, animations, and gameplay of the two games, it would definitely be a good collaboration for both games. Fortnite is known for its over-the-top action-packed gameplay and Pokémon will definitely add some more chaos and fun with its Pokémon characters.

Fortnite Pokémon collaboration, Fortnite , Pokémon
Image via Twitter @ Feraals

There are already plenty of rumors regarding a possible collaboration between Fortnite and Pokémon

Recently there was a rumor on Twitter regarding a possible Pokémon x Fortnite collaboration, but the news was not solid as it was just a Leak from Hypex’s Twitter handle. This viral video by Feraals might give the spark needed to the idea and might act as an indication to Epic games regarding knowing what fans want.

Considering that Epic has had many incredible collaborations in the past, having a Fortnite x Pokemon crossover would not be surprising. Many fans have expressed their thoughts as to how this collab would break the internet and it can’t be denied that it’s true.

Did you like the Fortnite x Pokémon collaboration video by the fan? Do let us know in the comments below!

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