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Fate: Goddess Awakening, a new turn-based RPG title now available on Android in selected regions

Unleash your adventures!

Fate: Goddess Awakening is a new turn-based RPG title brought to you by Dreamstar Network Limited. The game, Fate: Goddess Awakening is now available as an official release for players on Android in selected regions namely, EU, AM, and Oceania.

Fate: Goddess Awakening will aim to deliver a fantasy-themed RPG gaming experience

Fate: Goddess Awakening will take the players on a journey through the fantasy lands of the cyber city. The world is about to collapse and the apocalypse is almost upon the players. All they can do is use the past against the collapse and travel back in time to find the solution to the apocalypse. Players will be part of the saviors called the detectives who will travel between time to save the planet from utter destruction.

The game offers a huge city known as the Cyber City which itself was formed after the previous explosion which attracted agents and saviors from different worlds to this one. Cyber City is filled with magic and secrets sprawling all across the map which the players can find and discover as part of their side quest in the game alongside the main questline.

Fate: Goddess Awakening official release, Fate: Goddess Awakening
Image via Dreamstar Network Limited.

One thing that the game does not shy away from is to offer endless adventures for the players in a bid to keep them engaged and offer unrivaled exploration and countless hours of content. Players can prove their strength by challenging the Trials, solving the Labyrinth, fighting for glory with Guild members, and many more quests in the game.

The game advocates strategy as well by providing at least 100 plus agents for the players to choose from, this allows the players to choose their agents based on their strategy as each character in the lineup offers something different for the players to select from. With so many different options present it is fair to say that there are infinite possibilities for the players to use their wits, build strategic lineups, and deal with different battles.

Fate: Goddess Awakening official release, Fate: Goddess Awakening
Image via Dreamstar Network Limited.

The game as stated has been released in selected regions and hence interested players from the selected regions can download the game on their devices via Google Play

What are your thoughts on Fate: Goddess Awakening being made available as an official release in selected regions on Android? Let us know in the comments below!

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