Dream Detective: Merge Game Beginners Guide and Tips

Become the Ultimate Detective - Unravel Mysteries Like a Pro!

Century Games created Dream Detective: Merge Game, a casual puzzle game. Dream Detective is a wonderfully crafted casual puzzle game that blends merging and searching action to provide players with a unique gaming experience. In this guide, we will provide you with a Beginners Guide and Tips for Dream Detective: Merge Game. Additionally, you can check our redeem codes article as well to grab some freebies along the way!

Gameplay Overview

Dream Detective Merge Game is not just another casual puzzle game; it’s a uniquely designed gaming experience that seamlessly blends merging and searching gameplay. Within the intriguing setting of the Detective Academy, you are invited to embark on a journey filled with enigmatic challenges. As you progress through the game, your skills will be put to the test, leading you to explore deeply concealed secrets and uncover mysteries that have long eluded detection.

Dream Detective: Merge Game Beginners Guide
Image via Century Games

With each level and continuous upgrades, Dream Detective promises a world of surprises and brain-teasing challenges. If you’re ready to immerse yourself in a one-of-a-kind adventure, join Dream Detective Merge Game now and become the detective you were born to be.

Introducing the Basics of Dream Detective: Merge Game


Set out on an amazing adventure as you explore the abandoned Detective Academy, progressively unraveling mysteries one by one and reviving the intriguing institution’s previous greatness. Dream Detective: Merge Game’s Story mode puts you in the shoes of a committed detective on a quest to bring the Detective Academy back to its former glory.

Dream Detective: Merge Game Beginners Guide
Image via Century Games

The main objective is to restore the academy’s damaged components and eliminate the general disorder that envelops it. To accomplish this, you have to fully immerse yourself in the world of Merge Puzzles, assembling the necessary components that will allow you to take on the challenging mission of cleaning and renewing the Detective Academy, one problem at a time.

Merge Puzzle

Dream Detective: Merge Game’s intricate setting revolves around the Merge Puzzle, which serves as the main system and a means of accessing key components required to solve the mysteries surrounding the Detective Academy.

Shovels, gloves, seeds, and other objects are among the many pieces that make up this intricate puzzle; each one is essential to the overall solution. You’ll frequently find yourself combining these elements to evolve into higher variants to achieve a specific item.

Dream Detective: Merge Game Beginners Guide
Image via Century Games

If you were looking for a fork, for example, you would need to combine two pocket knives, and if you were looking for a small vase, you would need to combine two little vases to create the desired object. Merge Puzzle is a dynamic and entertaining feature that will accompany you on your adventure through the world of detective mysteries.


The Minigame in Dream Detective: Merge Game is an essential feature that comes with enticing rewards of Energy and Banknotes upon successful completion. This feature plays a crucial role in helping you progress through the Merge Puzzles by providing the much-needed Energy resources. Additionally, the Banknotes earned from this mini-game become indispensable for making purchases within the in-game store.

Image via Century Games

The mechanics of the mini-game are straightforward but engaging; you are tasked with solving a 3-dimensional puzzle. To succeed, you must carefully unravel the puzzle, made up of interconnected pieces extending in different directions. The challenge lies in rotating and extracting these pieces according to their orientation, making it a satisfying and beneficial addition to the game’s overall experience.


In the Tasks section of Dream Detective: Merge Game, you’ll find a comprehensive overview of your current missions and objectives, whether they are pending tasks or ones you’ve already unlocked. This feature serves as a valuable guide when you find yourself uncertain about your next steps in the game. By simply opening the Tasks menu, you can quickly get a clear sense of what needs to be accomplished.

Image via Century Games

Moreover, Tasks also provides a handy breakdown of the components essential to solve specific challenges. This aspect of the game proves to be particularly helpful, allowing you to efficiently merge the required items, swiftly overcome obstacles, and complete your assigned tasks.

Energy and Banknotes

Energy and banknotes are the most important currencies and resources in Dream Detective: Merge Game. Every move you make in Merge Puzzle when combining item components requires energy, a crucial lifeline.

At first, Energy appears abundant because it flows freely. But as the game progresses, this valuable resource gets harder to come by, so you have to use it wisely if you want to advance. You must save your Energy to combine only the item components that are necessary for your strategy to succeed.

Energy Banknotes
Image via Century Games

Banknotes, on the other hand, are a valuable asset that is required for store purchases. Thankfully, they are easier to obtain than Energy as you can get them by selling items, giving you more options when it comes to handling your game currency.

Convenience Store

In Dream Detective: Merge, the Convenience Store provides a number of thrilling features to improve your gaming experience. You can get a free Lucky Cat every day with the Daily Gift, which will give you precious Banknotes and Gems. You can use your Banknotes and Gems to purchase a variety of item components in the Flash Sale section. Remember that the Flash Sale’s pricing is subject to change, so be sure to keep a watch out for any amazing bargains.

Image via Century Games

Additionally, you can buy more Energy in the Convenience Store with Gems to top off your reserves. You can speed up your game progress by using real money to purchase Gems and Banknotes if you’re seeking a rapid boost. You can get whatever you need for your in-game needs at The Convenience Store, which adds to the excitement of your Dream Detective quest.

Dream Detective: Merge Game Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

1. Focus on the Story Mode

The heart of the game is its intriguing storyline. Immerse yourself in the narrative and take on the role of a dedicated detective aiming to restore the Detective Academy. Your objective is to fix the academy’s damaged components and solve its mysteries one by one. Concentrate on completing the story tasks to progress through the game.

2. Master the Merge Puzzle

The main gameplay feature is the Merge Puzzle. It’s crucial to know how to combine different item components. To properly construct the necessary items, pay attention to the details of the merging process. For example, you can get the things you need by combining related items.

3. Keep playing the Minigame for in-game Rewards

Don’t underestimate the Minigame. Completing it will reward you with Energy and Banknotes, crucial resources in the game. Energy is vital for merging components, and Banknotes are used for in-game purchases. Make sure to play the Minigame regularly to maintain a steady supply of these resources.

4. Utilize the Tasks

The Tasks section provides a clear overview of your missions and objectives. Whenever you’re unsure about what to do next, consult this feature for guidance. It also provides information about the components needed to overcome specific challenges, making it a valuable tool for your progression.

5. Manage Energy Wisely

Energy is a finite resource that becomes scarcer as the game advances. Use it judiciously, focusing on merging item components that align with your strategy. Don’t waste energy on unnecessary merges.

6. Keep acquiring Banknotes

Banknotes are essential for store purchases. Collect them by selling items you no longer need. This provides flexibility in your in-game spending, allowing you to acquire items that will aid your progress.

7. Visit the Convenience Store

The Convenience Store is a treasure trove of features. Make a habit of claiming the Daily Gift, which provides you with valuable Banknotes and Gems. Keep an eye on the changing prices in the Flash Sale for opportunities to buy essential item components. If you’re running low on Energy, you can replenish it in the store. And if you’re looking for a boost, you can purchase Gems and Banknotes with real money.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, Dream Detective: Merge Game offers an immersive and intriguing experience that combines elements of mystery and puzzle-solving. The game’s Story mode takes you on an adventure to restore the Detective Academy to its former glory.

The Merge Puzzle system is at the heart of the game, providing a dynamic and engaging way to uncover essential components for your quest. To help you understand Dream Detective: Merge Game more thoroughly and quickly, make sure to read our extensive Dream Detective: Merge Game Beginners Guide and Tips.

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