FIFA Mobile 22 mid-season update arrives with the World Cup mode, advanced passing, and more

The update arrives with a bang!!

Finally, the much-awaited mid-season update is now live in FIFA Mobile 22. Initially revealed in early October, the update brings the FIFA World Cup 2022 Tournament, Advanced Passing, updated player roster, kits, and a massive overhaul to the game’s UI. The latest update by EA seems promising indeed, and it certainly feels as though there is something big to look forward to in FIFA Mobile.

Players can now play the authentic FIFA World Cup 2022 Tournament with all 32 licensed teams, new advanced passing mechanics, updated commentary, updated player rosters, new kits and crests, a fresh new look, and more!

FIFA Mobile 22 mid-season update

FIFA World Cup 2022 gamemode

EA is releasing the FIFA World Cup 2022 gamemode in its mid-season update to honor the forthcoming athletic event, similar to the famous FIFA World Cup 2018 gamemode from back in FIFA Mobile 18. In the FIFA World Cup 2022 Mode, players can feel the thrill of competing against their favorite countries.

The 32 real qualifying National Teams, including Argentina, Brazil, England, France, Germany, and Spain, are all playable by users. All 32 National Teams that have qualified for the forthcoming FIFA World Cup 2022 as well as the 15 National Teams who just missed out will be included in the World Cup tournament format.

The World Cup commentary, national team uniforms, match balls, and even real venues (Al Bayt and Lusail) will all be available! The game will also receive a comprehensive visual and user interface update, providing a brand-new user interface with a FIFA World Cup 2022 theme (UI).

Introducing the all-new advanced Passing mechanism

New gameplay mechanics and strategies, such as the new Advanced Passing, have been implemented by EA in the FIFA Mobile 22 mid-season update. With the new Advanced Passing, players may plan crucial trigger runs, discover the space to create opportunities in small gaps with dink passes, and penetrate opponents’ defenses with strong driven deliveries.

  • Dinked Ground Pass: Double Tap the Pass button
  • Dinked Through Pass: Double Tap the Through button
  • Driven Ground Pass: Press the Pass button and Swipe Left
  • Driven Lob Pass: Press the Pass button and Swipe Right
  • Trigger Run: Press the Through button and Swipe Down

The Driven Passes have already become very popular from the recently concluded limited beta of FIFA Mobile 22, even though the Dinked Passes might not be in the meta. If you want to pull off a swift counter and get to the opponent’s goal in a few quick passes, the Driven Passes can show to be quite useful in H2H.

In the coming days, defending against Driven Ground and Through Passes will undoubtedly become challenging. Run to a player who is close by using the Trigger Run trigger so they can sprint forward and receive your ball. You have the option of playing right up to him or cleverly using him as your Dummy Runner to outwit the defense of your opponent.

Roster Database Update

The much-needed and eagerly anticipated base players roster upgrade is included in FIFA Mobile 22’s mid-season release. The player database will finally be updated to reflect the most recent transfers that took place during the 2022 summer transfer window.

Image via Electronic Arts

The base players that are currently present in the player’s inventory will also be modified in accordance with new and existing clubs, team uniforms, skill upgrades, stats, and even OVR. It should be emphasized that the updated roster and modifications won’t affect any former event players; instead, they will only impact base players.

New and Updated Kits and Crests

It goes without saying that updating for a new season, or midseason, in this case, is never possible without brand-new and modernized uniforms. Players will therefore be able to outfit their teams with the new club shirts for 2022–2023 as well as the new crests and uniforms for the National Team thanks to the new FIFA Mobile 22 mid-season update!

Updated Commentary for the FIFA World Cup 2022

FIFA Mobile also brings an updated commentary along with this new update. The game introduced new in-game commentary, especially for the FIFA World Cup 2022. New commentators have been added to the game including the fan favorite Stewart Robson for English and Daniele Adani for Italian.

New UI and Look

Image via Electronic Arts

A brand-new design for FIFA Mobile 22 inspired by FIFA 23 and the World Cup has been introduced with the mid-season update! Once they get into the game, players will see an incredible new UI reskin! Additionally, there have been five new songs added to the list of FIFA Mobile Soundtracks with the latest update.

Notable Improvements and Bug Fixes

  • Fixed several crashes.
  • Fixed some instances where the opening screen was blank.
  • Fixed some instances where some users were encountering errors when attempting to make a purchase.
  • Fixed an issue where some Leagues appeared as UNRANKED even though they had a FAME score.
  • Fixed an issue with attacking direction for some game modes.
  • Fixed an issue with how some League names were displayed on leaderboards.
  • Fixed an issue in Manager Mode where wins and points were not updated correctly when a user wins twice in a row.
  • Fixed an issue where the Manager Mode match stats score was not updating in real time.
  • Fixed an issue with how some GK attributes were displayed.
  • Removed the chat buttons from game modes where chat is not available.

Gameplay Improvements and Bug Fixes

Button Passing Improvements

  • Lob Passes are now fully assisted, allowing you to easily switch the side of the play
  • Fixed issue that occasionally would cause a slow ground pass
  • Improved near vs far receiver passing selection when powering beyond 50% for Ground Passes and Lofted Through Pass
  • Fixed an issue where crossing from a standing position or face-up dribbling caused weak crosses
  • Fixed some extreme trajectory errors for certain Lobbed and Ground Through Passes
  • Improved ideal position for Near and Far Post Crossing Target 
  • Fully Assisted Crossing is now available in the Settings

Gesture Passing Improvements

  • Overall improved contextual pass type selection for Gesture Passing
  • Tapping in front of the Receiver will always result in Leading Pass, whereas Tapping On or Behind the Receiver will result in a Pass to the Feet

Switching Improvements

  • Fixed an issue with the control state for Lobbed Through Passes over the top, where you’d be stuck on the Attacking control state so you can’t rush the GK
  • Fixed an issue in semi-switching where a loose ball or clearance would lock a player

VS Attack/ League vs League Improvements

  • Improved the times to end certain VS Attack chances earlier if the ball is too far away or about to go out of bounds

This concludes the full release notes of the FIFA Mobile 22 mind-season update. With these database and kit updates and the introduction of FIFA World Cup 2022 and Advanced Passing, the future of FIFA Mobile 22 looks really promising.

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