FIFA Mobile: EA reveals the game’s upcoming plans including gameplay improvements, Limited Beta, and more

These might be the statements fans are longing to hear

EA has announced their upcoming plans for the FIFA Mobile season, which include gameplay improvements, some exciting events, and an interesting Limited Beta. Following the issue with Manager Mode last month, EA has promised to improve the FIFA Mobile gameplay and content to suit the needs of its large player base.

The latest update by EA seems promising indeed, and it certainly feels as though there is something big to look forward to in FIFA Mobile.

EA promises smoother gameplay and lag-free online gameplay

A re-occurring issue in FIFA Mobile is its unreliable connection during online matches, in particular with H2H. This hasn’t just been this season either, previous years had also experienced similar issues. Luckily, the developers have addressed these problems in their latest announcement. “The stuttering some of you saw in PvE, Head to Head, and VS Attack has been addressed. This was something that was affecting users globally, and we hope this fix makes for a smoother gameplay experience.”

FIFA Mobile 22 Beta Gameplay
Image via EA

This shows how EA is definitely listening to what the community is saying – something which was uncertain before. In addition, there is ongoing work to improve “connectivity and lag issues in H2H“.

Smooth gameplay is what makes FIFA Mobile a football simulation game. Without the smooth part, it feels more of a frustrating chore. It’s great to see that this issue has been recognized and something is being done about it.

FIFA Mobile promises that the upcoming events will meet the user’s expectations

FIFA Mobile uses events as a way of keeping the game’s content fresh and up-to-date. Recent in-game events have received lots of backlashes, however. Kickoff Rivalries, Neon Nights, and Hero Journeys are a few of the events which have failed to hit the expectations set by the community, and EA admits these events have failed to hit their expectations as well.

They had announced their goal to make events more community-friendly, which has led to these upcoming plans:

  • Group Stage Challengers Event featuring:
    • UEFA Champions League
    • UEFA Europa League
    • UEFA Europa Conference League
  • Annual Scream Team Event
  • The FIFA World Cup 2022™ Event! 
FIFA Mobile Live Events
Image via EA

The 3 event ideas look brilliant on paper, but it is about how the developers turn them into enjoyable events to play in FIFA Mobile. The UEFA-licensed group-stage event will bring high-end cards, but it is hoped that EA make use of the valuable licenses within the gameplay content.

The Annual Scream Team event seems like a good opportunity to test a new event format tailored to community feedback. Finally, the FIFA World Cup 2022 event will definitely be a massive part of this FIFA Mobile season. It is exciting to see what the developers come up with, at a time when all eyes will be on one sole competition.

EA unveils plans for a FIFA Mobile Limited Beta in Canada and India

Along with the other upcoming plans, EA revealed something slightly unexpected. There will soon be news of a Limited Beta exclusive to fans in Canada and India which will include an updated database and an interesting new feature labeled Advanced Passing.

It’s unclear what Advanced Passing will turn out to be, but it could be a game-changing tool in matches. Equally, it could be something that makes minimal difference in-game, it all depends on how EA approaches it.

Nonetheless, a new gameplay feature is sure to excite fans. For a long, the gameplay in FIFA Mobile has encouraged strategies that are overly effective and take away from the strategic element of football. Perhaps a new feature is needed to shake things up and add a new dimension to the gameplay.

The future of FIFA Mobile 2022 looks promising

EA has been going through some tough times in the past few months, with relentless criticism from the community. The issue with the Manager Mode was a big cause of this – an issue meant that events were left incomplete and by the end, the developers were forced to reset the whole Manager Mode leaderboard.

Other problems including hackers, tedious content, and unsatisfying gameplay only added more fuel to the fire. In a bid to regain the trust of their player base, several promises were made and the recent announcement confirms that EA is most definitely serious. If this level of commitment continues, we could be seeing a playable and much more improved version of FIFA Mobile.

Are you excited about the upcoming plans EA announced for FIFA Mobile? Let us know in the comments below!

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