FIFA Mobile: EA announces a drop in the minimum prices for 80-110 OVR players in the Market

A big relief to the players!

FIFA Mobile took to Twitter to announce that the minimum Prices for 80-110 OVR Players in the market to drop in the coming days. The change came after constant criticism from the fans and players, who were already disappointed with a new system in place this year.

The new market system in FIFA Mobile had drawn criticism since the game’s beta

Ever since the introduction of the new season from the game’s beta itself, players complained about the new market system that was in place. It got difficult when players were unable to sell their players in the market due to the cards’ minimum values, and they did not drop significantly even after the events ended. As a result, their progress in collecting coins was halted. Things got worse after the TOTY event went live.

However, the good news for the players and fans is that this is going to be changed soon and the minimum prices will be dropped in the market for players between 80-110 OVRs. The TOTY event cards were between 98-112 OVRs, and selling them was a big headache for the players as the pattern of getting players remained almost similar.

The supply and demand of the cards still remain a question

Even though this change helps the cause of numerous rants the players had about this system, it still does not guarantee whether the minimum pricing of the cards will fix the supply and demand of cards. There are many cards in the market with sale orders of 999 or higher, and this fix may not be sufficient to clear them.

Image via EA

Many players suggest having Quick sell values so that they can get rid of cards they don’t want at a price cheaper than the minimum. The market tax doesn’t help while purchasing the top players, and the slow earning of coins doesn’t help the newer players to pick up the top ones.

We shall have to look at the change once implemented, and then we can get a clear picture of whether the change is helpful or not.

What are your thoughts on the minimum prices for 80-110 OVR Players which is going to drop soon in the FIFA Mobile Market? Please feel free to ask any questions in the comments section below!

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