FIFA Mobile 20 Oktoberfest event: All you need to know

The new season of the FIFA Mobile kicks off the Deutsche way. The mobile equivalent of the FIFA Ultimate Team just finished its fourth season. So, it came up with FIFA Mobile 20 Oktoberfest event where the game is celebrating the German festival. Just like every other event, this one has its own type of currency which is very weirdly named Pretzels. One can play the skill games which include free-kick practice, one-v-one shooting and crossing practice to gain “Hunter Points”.

Pretzel Hunt

This page of the FIFA Mobile 20 Oktoberfest event shows where the players can use his/her Hunter Points by scoring “free kicks”. It has a huge goal with target points on it. The players can click on one of the 15 targets to acquire a Pretzel, but be careful as 3 of the targets have a “burnt pretzel” behind it which has little but no value. It also has another disadvantage which will be covered very soon in the article.

fifa mobile oktoberfest, fifa mobile 20

The obnoxious looking cross as seen in the image is the burnt pretzel. If you, unfortunately, receive one, it will end your streak. The streak basically is the number of pretzels you can get before getting a burnt one. If you are lucky enough to get all the 12 pretzels available in a row, then you’ll be gifted with the 82 rated Bayern Munich 2 central attacking midfielder Sarpreet Singh. At just the beginning of the season, getting an 82 rated midfielder with 92 Accelerating and a rating of 83 for long shots, it would play a great advantage for the F2P gamers.

Once you end up using all your Hunter Tokens to score Free Kicks and acquire Pretzel Points, you head up to the Rewards Section.

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Rewards Section

fifa mobile 20

As the name goes, this section has the rewards that you can spend all your Pretzel Points on. With the player ratings ranging from 75 to 89, you can also acquire skill boosts for your players.

One player that I think would be a bang for the buck is the 82 rated SSV Right Winger- George. He has a whooping Acceleration and Sprint Speed rating of 98 and 105 respectively. For all the H2H players, who know that speed is all that matters, this one would become a star player if added to your team. A great player in prospect for the VSA players, just like me, is the well known Thomas Muller. Having a high overall rating of 89, he seems like the whole package. He comes with a 96 finishing rate which probably is the most important stat in the game as long as the developers don’t actually fix the shooting.

Also here’s a detailed table showing the players and skills boost alongside the pretzel points required to achieve them.

FIFA Mobile oktoberfest, fifa mobile 20

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FIFA Mobile 20 Oktoberfest event: Final verdict

Unlike the previous Summer Event, which was way too short and non-providing, this one looks more complete and detailed. The free-kick concept of acquiring pretzel points looks like a more cleaner way to give the players what they require rather than making them open packs. I’m yet to calculate if a F2P player can acquire Muller without spending a single penny but roughly it does seem quite possible. All in all, this is a fresh start to the new season and I hope that the developers make it even better by fixing the shooting and all the other glitches.

If there are any doubts about the FIFA Mobile new event, please drop them down in the comments sections and we’ll make sure they don’t go unanswered.

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