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Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis October Campaign reveals Weapon Enhancement, Premium Boost, and more

Don't miss out on some exciting events this October!

Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis is a mobile RPG from Applibot and Square Enix, that combines turn-based, strategy, and real-time action combat in the beloved Final Fantasy VII universe. They’ve just unveiled the Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis October Campaign Calendar, a handy guide to upcoming in-game events.

This calendar offers gamers a chance to strengthen their in-game progress and earn rewarding prizes. The calendar is a roadmap to an array of upcoming events that will provide valuable opportunities for gamers to reinforce their position in the game and earn exciting rewards.

Weapon Enhancement Boost Campaign

Duration: October 1 at 7:00 to October 8 at 6:59 PDT

Now is the perfect moment to dedicate your resources and effort to upgrading your weapon attributes, enhancing your overall prowess, and strengthening your weaponry. This event is all about weapon improvement and comes with substantial advantages.

Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis Weapon
Image via Square Enix

Players will enjoy a 20% boost in the Weapon Enhancement Great Success Rate, increasing their chances of achieving great success when enhancing their weapons. Furthermore, Weapon Enhancement Quest Rewards receive a 20% increase, ensuring players receive more valuable items and resources as rewards.

Premium Boost Campaign

Duration: October 8 at 7:00 to October 15 at 6:59 PDT

This boost offers substantial value to your quest progress, allowing you to accumulate more quest rewards and overall resources. So, take full advantage of the Premium Boost Campaign and seize the opportunity to reap these enhanced rewards while you journey through the world of the game.

Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis chibi gameplay
Image via Square Enix

In this upcoming Premium Boost Campaign in Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis, players can expect to see a significant enhancement in their gaming experience. The campaign introduces a notable 30% boost to premium quest rewards. This means that as you engage in premium quests, you’ll earn a 30% greater number of valuable items and resources.

Character Growth Boost Campaign

Duration: October 15 at 7:00 to October 22 at 6:59 PDT

This event is the ideal time to dedicate your efforts and resources to level up your characters, unleash their full potential, and create a powerful party. This event is all about character development, enabling players to enhance their characters and boost their skills.

Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis Weapon
Image via Square Enix

During this event, you’ll benefit from a 20% increase in Character Growth Quest Experience Gain. Furthermore, the rewards for Character Growth Quests are also boosted by 20%, providing players with extra rewards and perks as they focus on enhancing their characters. Take advantage of this opportunity to strengthen your party and make your characters even more formidable.

Materia Boost Campaign

Duration: October 22 at 7:00 to October 29 at 6:59 PDT

The Materia Boost Campaign event focuses on acquiring and improving materials, which are essential for upgrading equipment and enhancing your team’s capabilities. This event highlights the enhancement of materia, helping players obtain valuable materias and boost their equipment effectiveness.

Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis Materia Mechanic
Image via Square Enix

During this event, there’s a 20% higher success rate for enhancing materias, increasing your chances of achieving significant improvements. Furthermore, rewards from Synthesis Quests are boosted by 20%, giving players more items and rewards when they complete materia synthesis quests.

Final Thoughts

Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis is bringing a range of exciting events for the month of October that offer players valuable opportunities to enhance their characters, weapons, and equipment. From character growth and materia enhancement to premium quest rewards and weapon improvements, these events are designed to enrich the gaming experience and empower players to strengthen their position in the world of Ever Crisis. It’s a fantastic month for players to dive into the game and make significant strides in their journey through the beloved Final Fantasy VII universe.

What are your thoughts about the Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis October Campaign? Let us know in the comments below!

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