Blue Lock PWC Character Tier List for May 2024

Build around the best characters!

Rudel Incorporation developed Blue Lock PWC as a sports simulation game inspired by the popular anime series Blue Lock. Initially released in Japan, it’s now globally accessible on Android and iOS platforms. My Blue Lock PWC Tier List evaluates character strengths, suggesting optimal team additions. My beginner’s guide, reroll guide, customer support guide, and in-game redeem codes for rewards are also available for exploration.

Blue Lock PWC Tier List for May 2024: Best Hunters Ranked

The characters have been categorized into three tiers: Strong (S), Good (A), and Average (B). This tier system simplifies understanding each character’s capabilities, providing a clear starting point.

Strong (S)Seishiro Nagi (The Impetus Known as Curiosity),  Hyoma Chigiri (Seething Heat),
Yoichi Isagi (First Step Toward Destiny),
Zantetsu Tsurugi (Gonor-Revoking Defense), Shouei Barou (I Am the King),
Gurimu Igarashi (Relentless Spirit)
Good (A)Meguru Bachira (Versatile Footwork),
Ikki Niko (Mastermind),
Reo Mikage (Inimitable Mimicry),
Gin Gagamaru (Acrobat), Jingo Raichi (Tenacity), Kaoru Mitoma (Lightning Speed),
Rensuke Kunigami (Prodigal Left Foot),
Yoichi Isagi (Striker),
Ryosuke Kira (Jewel of Japanese Soccer),
Shouei Barou (Intense Individual),
Hyoma Chigiri (Speedster),  
Seishiro Nagi (Out-of-This-World Ideas),
Meguru Bachira (Dribbler)
Average (B) Gin Gagamaru (Flexible Body),
Gurimu Igarashi (Amen),
Rensuke Kunigami (Budding Superhero),
Wataru Kuon (High Jumper),
Jingo Raichi (Stamina Incarnate),
Zantetsu Tsurugi (Unique Vocabulary),  
Ikki Niko (Team Y’s Heart),
Asahi Naruhaya (Class Clown),
Yudai Imamura (Lover Boy)

Based on my gameplay experience, I’ve crafted a tier list to assess characters based on their effectiveness and statistics. Designed for newcomers, this tier list intends to assist you in selecting and excelling with characters that suit your playstyle and team compositions.

Best Meta Characters in Blue Lock PWC for MAy 2024

As depicted in the table provided, our tier list highlights the best characters in Blue Lock PWC. Offering a diverse array of characters, players have numerous options to explore. Each character boasts distinct traits, providing a variety of choices.

The game accommodates various playstyles, making this list subjective to individual preferences. Character effectiveness can differ based on a player’s preferred tactics, indicating that attributes highly valued by one player might not hold the same importance for another.

S-Tier Character – Seishiro Nagi (The Impetus Known as Curiosity)

Seishiro Nagi (The Impetus Known as Curiosity) holds a special spot in the tier list as one of the best characters in the game. His exceptional technical finesse and strategic intelligence make him a true force on the field.

Blue Lock PWC Seishiro Nagi
Image via Rudel Incorporation

Witnessing how effortlessly he controls the ball and the consistently positive impact his overall stats bring to my team’s performance is nothing short of impressive. Playing alongside Nagi feels like having a prodigy on my side, which significantly boosts my confidence during every match.

S-Tier Character – Hyoma Chigiri (Seething Heat)

Hyoma Chigiri (Seething Heat) is another top-tier choice for me in the game. His unmatched speed and technical abilities not only make him a formidable player during matches but also an invaluable asset during training sessions.

Blue Lock PWC Hyoma Chigiri
Image via Rudel Incorporation

Chigiri’s ability to execute surprising skill combos gives our team a crucial edge, particularly in critical moments where his fiery determination motivates everyone around him.

S-Tier Character – Yoichi Isagi (First Step Toward Destiny)

Yoichi Isagi (First Step Toward Destiny) is an indispensable part of my roster, known for his versatility across various aspects of the game. His adaptability to any situation makes him incredibly valuable, often becoming my go-to choice when we need a player to step up and lead.

Blue Lock PWC Yoichi Isagi
Image via Rudel Incorporation

Isagi’s innate leadership qualities further bolster team morale and strengthen our overall teamwork dynamics.

S-Tier Character – Zantetsu Tsurugi (Gonor-Revoking Defense)

Zantetsu Tsurugi‘s defensive mastery has come to our team’s rescue countless times. I deeply appreciate his reliability in critical defensive situations, where his ability to read opponents’ moves and solidify our defense has proven invaluable.

Blue Lock PWC Zantetsu Tsuguri
Image via Rudel Incorporation

Tsurugi’s defensive prowess makes our team a formidable force that’s difficult for opponents to break through.

S-Tier Character – Shouei Barou (I Am the King)

Lastly, Shouei Barou (I Am the King) brings a dedication to kick power training that has revolutionized my offensive strategies. I frequently utilize him to bolster our attacks, especially in intense matches where his focused gameplay and skill improvements shine through.

Blue Lock PWC Shouei Barou
Image via Rudel Incorporation

Barou’s commitment to enhancing his skills not only benefits him but also inspires the entire team to strive for greatness.

Final Thoughts

The Blue Lock PWC Tier List is crucial for you as it provides a clear understanding of each character’s strengths and abilities. This knowledge enables you to make informed decisions when selecting characters for your teams. By recognizing the tier list, you can strategize effectively, adapt to various playstyles, and enhance your overall performance on the field.

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