Forge of Empires celebrates its 10th anniversary with a brand new event and special prizes

Amazing anniversary special rewards up for grabs!

InnoGames, Germany’s top online and mobile game developer and publisher, is celebrating the 10th anniversary of its popular strategy city-building game Forge of Empires. Since its release in 2012, the global hit has seen continuous growth and, after ten years on the market, is still gaining traction. Players can look forward to a brand-new event with special rewards that runs from today through April 18th to commemorate the occasion.

Forge of Empires successfully proved its worth as a strategy game in 10 years

So far, users have logged over 311,482 years of gameplay time in the game, resulting in the construction of roughly 60 million cities. The game came with six eras and several months’ worth of material when it was initially published. With the publication of Spage Age Venus, there are now 20 eras and almost five years’ worth of content.

It takes an average of 2,381 days, or 6.5 years, for players to proceed through the eras, during which time they can create over 1,000 distinct structures. Guild Expeditions and Cultural Settlements, for example, have been added, offering gamers even more content.

Forge of Empires has come a long way. Being released on browsers only, the game still continues to improve on its original platform, to further support this audience in the years to come. Furthermore, it also made the transition to cater to mobile users on four different global platforms. It basically became a massive worldwide hit. I’d like to thank all the internal teams, as well as all the players, for shaping such a great experience and entertaining game!

Stefan Walter, Studio Director at InnoGames

InnoGames ensured the game’s long-term viability by automating the conversion of Forge of Empires from Flash to HTML5, making it the first game developer in the world to accomplish it by utilizing the open-source compiler HAXE and without the use of Code Freeze. When Adobe stopped supporting Flash in 2020, this ensured the continuation of the browser version of the game.

Players can continue to enjoy the cross-platform availability with the HTML5-based version in current browsers as well as the mobile apps for Android and iOS, requiring only one account to switch back and forth between platforms.

Forge of Empires maintains its place as one of the most popular strategy games on both desktop and mobile platforms. In 2019, the most popular strategy game surpassed EUR 500 million in lifetime income, accounting for more than half of the total money made in the preceding two years. Mobile continues to be a big growth driver, in addition to continual content enhancements.

Celebrate the 10th anniversary with a new board game-themed event and a grand prize

A new board game-themed event is being held to commemorate the tenth-anniversary milestone. The goal is straightforward: travel around the board. Players will travel through each of Forge of Empires’ distinct periods as they advance across the board. The Forge Fact-Finder is on hand to help players find their next mission while also revealing some interesting Forge of the Empire’s history.

Players can earn paper money by completing these tasks, as well as daily logins and happenings in their city, which can then be used to roll the dice and proceed across the board. Because there are so many different places to land, each one has its own set of rewards.

The Golden Orrery is the Grand Prize, yet this celebration required more than one new structure. The Grand King, Grand Queen, and Stage of Ages are among the additional awards, and new avatars are available for players to share their progress and board game prowess with their friends.

Are you excited about the 10th anniversary celebrations of Forge of Empire? Let us know in the comments below!

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