Forge of Empires to hold an Archaeology Event from 2nd May 2022

Get Ready to Get Digging!

Between May 2nd and May 22nd, 2022, Forge of Empires will be hosting an Archaeology event. Players can explore an ancient tomb in search of treasure during the event. Players can find idols, helpful tools, vases, and diamonds by brushing, excavating, or blasting their way through layers of sand. Persistent players can go further into the depths on side missions to unearth antique clay tablets. These hold lost wisdom that has to be shared with the rest of the world.

Forge of Empires Archaeology event will feature exciting rewards

The gorgeous Butterfly Sanctuary Set is awarded to players that participate in the Archaeology Event and gather golden figurines from the excavation site. The Butterfly House is an upgradeable structure that may be supplemented with six garden structures such as the Marigold Patch, Wildflower Meadow, and Sapphire Arch.

Place garden structures near the Butterfly House to get the most out of it. Each one provides extra perks. They may be built for Supply or Coin Boosts, Attack and Defense Enhancements, Forge Points, and Goods, among other things.

Forge of Empires event window
Image via InnoGames

New players may also receive the grand prizes from prior Archaeology events; the Ferris Wheel and the Airship are available as daily rewards, making this the ideal time to add more assets to an expanding kingdom. There are also new avatars to unlock, as well as characters from prior events that are difficult to get, such as the Ferris Wheel and Airship.

Collect daily Gems, play mini-games and complete your tasks

There are also 21 gems to be found; each day of the festival, a new one is concealed somewhere in the tomb. Players who complete their gem collection by May 22nd will receive a bonus, thus daily logins are recommended. However, if a player misses a day, all is not lost; gem shards may be gathered to replace any missing daily awards.

This event offers something a little different: various mini-games and tasks that may be completed at the same time. This adds a new degree of difficulty to an already popular game, and die-hard Forge of Empires players should find lots of new difficulties in the tomb.

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