Forge Shop: Adventure & Craft, a new simulation title opens pre-registration on Android

Forge and survive!

Forge Shop: Adventure & Craft is a new simulation title from JoyMore Inc that is now available for pre-registration on Android devices via Google Play. The game is set in a zombie-infested world where you, as a survivor must set up a blacksmith shop to make and sell various tools and equipment to other survivors and earn a living.

Build your forge shop and sell equipment to adventurers in Forge Shop: Adventure & Craft

In the game, you begin by building your blacksmith shop from scratch. As you progress, you upgrade and expand your shop for more workstations, research stations, and storage space for your valuable resources. You can create more better and advanced tools and equipment if your shop is better and upgraded constantly. You can customize your character and build all types of tools, weapons, and armor by using your blacksmithing skills.

Forge Shop: Adventure & Craft pre-registration
Image via JoyMore Inc

Look to maximize your profits by selling these items to adventurers at prices that you decide strategically. Research and develop better equipment than others by researching and unlocking new blueprints and designs. This will you help get more customers as they look for the best tools to survive in the zombie-infested world. You can interact with adventurers and offer them the best items you have and negotiate prices and also offers discounts to your loyal customers.

The game also allows you to assemble adventurers and heroes to explore the apocalyptic world and obtain rare resources and build the best tools and equipment. The stronger your team. there are chances of you obtaining the rarest resources. You can also interact with other players and join guilds and exchange items and tools with other blacksmiths. Team up with others and share resources to defeat the zombies.

Forge Shop: Adventure & Craft pre-registration
Image via JoyMore Inc

Interested fans and players with Android devices can now visit the Google Play Store and pre-register for the game. It’s your time to shine with your blacksmithing skills and become the most popular blacksmith and become the most reliable blacksmith for other survivors and adventurers.

What are your thoughts as Forge Shop: Adventure & Craft begin pre-registration on Android? Let us know in the comments below!

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