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Forsaken World: Gods and Demons: The latest update adds pet battles and special anniversary events

Calindor is getting a massive new update!

Gtarcade, the global publishing branch of YOOZOO Games, has revealed the latest update for Forsaken World: Gods and Demons, a game that brings the epic scale of an open-world fantasy MMORPG to mobile. Players can raid a dragon’s lair, search for lost artifacts or just enjoy some fishing in the fictional world of Calindor.

The half-year anniversary update on May 29th will allow players to go to battle with their beloved pets, utilizing tactical strategies and positioning in order to achieve victory. The update also expands the different ways players can form in-game relationships, by introducing a Mentorship system that allows two players to become Tutor and Disciple. Finally, a number of new events and rewards will be added for players to enjoy.

Loads of exciting new content are arriving for the players

Pets are an important part of Forsaken World: Gods and Demons. Not only do they give players a way to deal extra damage in battle, but they are also very popular to collect and use for self-expression. This new update takes pets one step further, introducing a new challenging game mode called Pet Raid. Players can now have a number of their pets go to battle for them, through a series of increasingly difficult PVE challenges. The strategy here is key, you can arrange the positioning of your pets only before battle, so players must make it count! 

Forsaken World: Gods and Demons latest update
This new update takes pets one step further, introducing a new challenging game mode called Pet Raid

All players who win battles and challenges will receive rewards, with a weekly leaderboard in which top players will receive additional ranking rewards. Pet Raid is open to players above level 150 and can be replayed continuously. A number of new pets have also been added to the game, for players to collect and use in their Pet Raid battles. 

This latest update also brings in an all-new mentorship system

For those who enjoy collaboration, this update introduces a great way for experienced players to impart knowledge on the many new faces entering Calindor. In the all-new Mentorship system, a player can choose to be either a Tutor or Disciple to another player. If both parties accept, they will then be in a mentorship relationship. Both tutor and disciple will receive daily tasks which they must complete together. Those that do will receive Mentorship Points, which can be exchanged for rare items. 

Tutors can also assign daily tasks to their Disciple, and assign rewards for completing those tasks. In return, Tutors also have daily tasks that Disciples can help complete. Remember, Calindor is a world that rewards players who team up and work collaboratively together. Finally, this month is all about celebrating the successful half-year anniversary of Forsaken World: Gods and Demons. There will be a number of special events taking place. There will be a ton of rewards and benefits for players in-game, including a new outfit for players to redeem for free 7-day login!

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