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Fortnite Creative V22.10 update brings Octane vehicle from Rocket League, and more

Plethora of contents in store for the players!

The Octane car from Rocket League, the Block Secondary Action for melee weapons, and the Cobra DMR from Battle Royale are all included in the Fortnite Creative V22.10 update. A new island design, the Rocket League Prop Gallery, and the Musician Prop Gallery, as well as upgrades and bug fixes for devices, Prefabs, and Galleries, are also included in version 22.10.

New Items in Fortnite Creative V22.10 update

Octane Spawner

Image via Epic Games

This daredevil Octane car can fly, drive on walls, and “Boost” to supersonic speeds. Utilize the Rocket Boost gadget to refuel Octane’s Boost Meter and the Rocket League Prop Gallery to infuse any island with a competitive atmosphere.

Image via Epic Games

A Musician Prop Gallery, which contains guitars and other instruments, is added.

Melee Designer: “Block” Secondary Action Added

In v22.10, Block makes its official debut. Block will be a new option under Secondary Action in the Melee Designer. Players have the choice of setting the Secondary Action to Block Only, Dodge and Block, No Action, or Dodge Only. In order to modify how the Block feature functions for your customized weapons, there are new Block settings as well.

Fortnite Battle Royale Item: Cobra DMR

A Snake DMR’s vast range makes it difficult to flee, much like a cobra. With a steady hand and its rapid-fire rate, enemies can be dispatched quickly. Locate Cobra DMRs via fishing, looting sharks, reality sapling fruit, chests, supply drops, and more.

To create a Bouncer Gallery, several extra Bouncer devices have been incorporated. In addition to the traditional Bouncer, players also have the option of the Forest Mushroom or various tire pile sizes.

Other Updates and Changes in the Fortnite Creative V22.10 update

  • Added the Bamboo Destructible Gallery. This contains foliage similar to that of the Bamboo Gallery, but the foliage can be destroyed by players.
  • Added the Rocket League Prop Gallery.
    • Orange and Blue Scaffolding Banners
    • Orange and Blue Beach Banners
    • Orange and Blue Large Hanging Banners
    • Orange and Blue Small Hanging Banners
    • LED Arrow Sign
    • Octane Statue
  • Added the Birthday Cake 4 and Birthday Cake 5 props to the Indoor Residential Prop Gallery.
  • Added additional assets to the Primitive Shapes Gallery:
    • Hard Squared Columns
    • Small Pyramid
    • Small Cone
    • Large Planar Cylinder Quarter
  • Added additional glass tables to the Modern Furniture Prop Gallery.

Device Updates

Additional controls for the item’s damage and respawning are available on the item placer device.

Consumables Updates

  • Key: This consumable can be used like keycards to open locked doors.
  • Birthday Presents!: These create a structure that players can open using their Pickaxe. Players can place consumable items inside.

That was all about the Fortnite Creative V22.10 update.

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