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Fortnite leaks hint at the arrival of new movement mechanics including Wall Running

Iconic movement mechanic from Titanfall is getting introduced!

Fortnite has been in action for quite a few years now and still hasn’t lost its charm. Millions of players still log in to play the game every day. One of the reasons for the unbeaten success of Epic Gamesbattle royale is the addition of new movement mechanics after every few updates which keeps the game interesting and fresh for the players. Now Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1, leakers and data miners have found potential leaks about new movement mechanics coming to the game soon.

Wall Running amongst other movement mechanics to be added with the next Fortnite update

The popular and trustworthy data miner of Fortnite named HYPEX revealed on Twitter in a recent post the potential new in-game movement mechanics which might be introduced soon enough. These mechanics included wall running, jump slide, and double jump. This has started a lot of speculation around these new mechanics and how they might act like.

The most understandable and significant one is going to be Wall Running. This will be a pretty unique movement that if perfected properly, can heavily help the player using it. It will give players an advantage over others who are not so good with it. 

Mechanics similar to those of Titanfall will arrive in Fortnite

Titanfall is the first multiplayer game shooter to use the Wall Running feature. It has a pretty big hand in making it famous among players. Throughout the history of Fortnite, the makers have kept on introducing new movement mechanics to keep the players engaged and provide a fair advantage to the players who spend their time mastering these skills.

Another data miner named Parth shows the addition of Wall Running in the directory of Fortnite by posting a screenshot on Twitter which shows a folder named “Wall Running” which also shows a lot of code written inside it which is enough proof to understand the feature will be coming to the game pretty soon.

Players have always been interested in new mechanics which get introduced into the game and most of them try to perfect them to have an advantage over other players. The last time in Chapter 3, Fortnite introduced Spider-Man as a character and its loose swinging abilities as an in-game movement mechanic which the players loved. Now only time will tell if the upcoming mechanics in the game will be a hit or a flop.

Are you excited about the leaks revealing new upcoming movement mechanisms to Fortnite? Let us know in the comments below!

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