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Fortnite Mobile V10.20.2 Patch: Combat Shotgun Vaulted

Epic Games never fails to surprise its community. They bring out continuous changes in the game to keep the gamers on the edge of their foot and engage them in learning the mechanics of the game by continuously updating it. Fortnite V10.20 patch was released recently which vaulted the Combat Shotgun, Drum Shotgun as well as the Proximity Launcher. EPIC had vaulted the Pump Shotgun in the past and introduced the combat shotgun which left the community by shock. Pump shotgun, however, was unvaulted in V9.30.

In this patch, the Combat Shotgun was vaulted which again affected the gameplay, giving importance to the short machine guns again.

combat shotgun vaulted
Combat Shotgun, Proximity Launcher and Drum Shotgun

Along with this, suppressed assault rifle and automatic sniper were unvaulted. The damage of the automatic sniper rifle has been increased from 31/33/35 to 40/42/44 respectively.

Here is the detailed changelog Posted by EPIC

Lowered the spawn rate of the B.R.U.T.E in Storm phases 3-6 in core modes. Arena spawn rates will remain unchanged.

With this change, we’re hoping to reduce the impact of B.R.U.T.Es on late-game scenarios, while retaining their presence in the early game. Storm phase 3 New spawn rates 33.3% chance to spawn 0

33.3% chance to spawn 1
33.3% chance to spawn 2

Old spawn rates 25% chance to spawn 0
25% chance to spawn 1
25% chance to spawn 2
25% chance to spawn 3

Storm phase 4 New spawn rates 50% chance to spawn 0
50% chance to spawn 1

Old spawn rates 33.3% chance to spawn 0
33.3% chance to spawn 1
33.3% chance to spawn 2

Storm phase 5 New spawn rates 83.4% chance to spawn 0
16.6% chance to spawn 1

Old spawn rates 50% chance to spawn 0
50% chance to spawn 1

Storm phase 6 New spawn rates Will no longer spawn.
Old spawn rates 90% chance to spawn 0
10% chance to spawn 1

Increased the duration of spiciness from Peppers to a 60-second duration from a 20-second duration.

Retail Row
This POI is intended to be a high-risk, high-reward drop location, but we feel the reward has outweighed the risk. By reducing the availability of Obelisks, gathering rare loot will require a little more time investment.

Reduced the maximum number of Spawn Obelisks from 7 to 5.

Increased the time before Spawn Obelisks respawn to a max of 30 seconds (previously a max of 5 seconds). The respawn timer for Spawn Obelisks is on a loop and time may vary between 1-30 seconds.
Decreased the chance to drop Rocket Launchers from destroyed Spawn Obelisks from 18.46% to 10%

Decreased the chance to drop Jump Pads from destroyed Spawn Obelisks from 50% to 40%

The unvaulting of Combat shotgun, however, remains the most shocking for the Fortnite mobile players because it was easier to spam the shotgun instead of switching and using he short machine gun.

What’s your take on it? Do let us know in the comments below.

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