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Fortnite to ban users who used Discord bot to earn a healing item in the game

The developers will hand out bans to players who cheated!

Fortnite is a globally popular game and has a fan base of millions of players worldwide. The game has become a global phenomenon throughout the years and has a global community that actively engages with everything related to the game. The presence of a large community has catapulted the game’s growth but has also led to widespread cheating by players. They cheat by using exploits in the game as soon as they’re found out. According to a Fortnite leak, players who used a discord bot for healing items from last December will earn a ban from Epic Games.

Fortnite players who used the discord bot to exploit the game might receive bans

According to a tweet from Fortnite content creator and data miner iFireMonkey, players who used a Discord bot to get the Slap Berry will receive bans from Epic Games soon. This series of bans comes right after the series of bans that some players received before Christmas last year. These bans would have been handed out earlier but Epic Games went on a holiday break and looks like they are ready to catch all the players who breached their system. 

By using a Discord bot to gain access to unreleased Limited Time Modes (LTMs), players were able to earn hundreds of levels. By using this exploit they were able to harvest an unlimited number of Slap Berries.

This allowed them to gain a flat rate of XP, and players were able to game the system for hundreds of levels. All of these were done by bypassing the battle pass and earning an entire season’s rewards in one afternoon.

Image via Epic Games

Epic Games has been a bit lenient while enforcing punishments based on exploits in the past and it looks like some players are taking advantage of their leniency. This is the reason why these exploits keep on happening in the game. As of now, it’s unclear whether these bans will be temporary or permanent. All we know is that they are going to be handed out soon. 

What are your thoughts as Epic Games might soon ban players for using Discord bot to earn healing items in Fortnite? Let us know in the comments below!

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