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Fortnite v21.10 Update: Changes in the Logjam Lumberyard map brings back classic POIs

New things coming in the upcoming update!

Reality tree has been the most popular POI, since the release of the new season. It has been included in almost all the quests till now. With the new Fortnite v21.10 Update, it seems like the changes in the map of Logjam Lumberyard are going to be the game-changer. It will now have that capability to include all other POIs like Tilted Town, Coral Castle, and others.

With new updates, Fortnite has added changes to the map. With the latest update, Fortnite has brought quite a surprising change, which is highly praised by the loopers worldwide.

Fortnite v21.10 Update: Updated Logjam Lumberyard map and its changes

With the new update, we have a location on the map, which changes in every game. Logjam Lumberyard will include a lot of POIs from Chapter 1 and 2. This update itself sounds super interesting and indulging, being the first time in history, there would be such a location whose elements won’t be known.

Following Themes

  • Neo Tilted/ Tilted Town (Wild West theme)
  • Coral Castle (Atlantis theme)
  • Colossal Coliseum (Roman theme)
  • Lazy Lagoon (Pirates theme)
Fortnite v21.10 Update Logjam Lumberyard map changes
Image via Epic Games

It is obvious that Logjam Lumberyard is going to be the talk of the town now. It includes locations from Chapters 1 and 2. Therefore, this is a chance for the newcomers to explore the well-known locations from the previous chapters.

Other map changes

The Butter Barn landmark will be a POI now and building have been added to it from the Neo Tilted. Butter Bam will now be an enhanced and bigger location. Darth Vader is now a boss and spawns in random locations as his locations are unknown. Players are well aware that defeating Darth Vader will get them 2000 XP.

What are your thoughts about the Logjam Lumberyard map changes in the Fortnite v21.10 Update? Let us know in the comments below!

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