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Fortnite weekly quests will not expire after a week as per the new updates

No more time restrictions on the completion of these challenges!

 Epic Games made some changes while starting the season in Fortnite, and one of them was the time restriction on the weekly quests however, with recent updates the developers are gearing to remove the time restrictions making the game go back to its older format where the weekly quests will not expire after a week.

Weekly quests are a great source for Fortnite players to get experience points

Weekly quests in the game offer a great opportunity for players to have additional challenges in the game to test their mettle and level their characters up. Earlier new quests were added to the game but the existing ones were removed from the game, making it hard for the players to complete all of them thus losing out on many experience points.

fortnite slide for 30 meters continuously on ice
Image via Epic Games

This season, Epic Games made Fortnite weekly quests temporary, but after some fan backlash, Epic has now reverted this change. Earlier these quests were there to be played all season long making it easier for the fans to complete them all however, with the new update things changed completely. These quests were always a great way for players to level up their Battle Pass without only playing Battle Royale matches and grinding for XP.

Fortnite Traffic Lights locations
Image via Epic Games

Epic Games has now taken care of this controversy with update v23.30 and made it, so weekly quests would be available for players to challenge themselves with till the very end of the season. The quests already lost won’t be returning but it will be relieving to hear that the new ones will stay longer. Players will now be able to level up their battle pass and get exclusive rewards for the same without much hassle.

What are your thoughts on Epic games making weekly quests on Fortnite not expire after a week? Let us know in the comments below.

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