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Free Fire: Kalahari Map is removed from Ranked matches

Fans insisted the removal of the map for long

The unique Kalahari map of Free Fire is removed from the ranked matches. First introduced in classic matches in November 2019, the Kalahari map was fully added in June 2020 to ranked matches with the map celebrate its 1st year since release this 2020. However, as time passed, the map became more and more hated, especially if continually chosen as a Ranked Game map. As a reply to the community’s negative feedback about the desert map, starting Season 18, the map will be removed from ranked matches, leaving only Bermuda it’s soon to be remastered version, and Purgatory as the final maps to be randomly chosen in Ranked.

Official Announcement from the Free Fire team

The desert map will most likely return after the community responds whether the map should be readded or not. According to the Official Free Fire Brazil Instagram page, the decision of removing the map after the results of a recent survey taken:

free fire kalahari map removed
Official announcement

Translation reads as:

Recently, we did a survey within our dear Free Fire about your opinion with the Kalahari map, and with that, we decided that starting on October 16th, Kalahari will be out of the list of maps available in Ranked Mode. You will still be able to play on that map in Classic Mode matches.

Free fire brazil

Not too long ago, Purgatory got removed and due to the feedback of the community, it later returned to both ranked and classic matches. Garena has yet to announce the removal of Kalahari on the other servers via their social links.

Why was the Kalahari map removed from Ranked matches in Free Fire?

Kalahari however, is the most challenging map out of 3 and disliked due to its small size, the many, many campers, its high terrain, and lack of proper cover between obstacles. Dying early in ranked matches deducts a lot of points leaving many frustrated for their so hard-earned points being taken away so easily just because they got the map selected randomly.

Free Fire Kalahari map removed from ranked

The map also has the least locations to land, making almost any location unavoidably dangerous. It is known for a campers haven with those diving on its lower grounds the least advantaged.

Lastly, while the map is overly hated, there are some awaiting the return of the map in Ranked matches. Currently, Garena does not intend to add the map back any time soon with Kalahari being left only fully playable in Classic matches.

What do you think of the Kalahari map being removed from Ranked matches in Free Fire? Drop your opinions in the comment section below!

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