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Free Fire Leaks for April 2021: Upcoming items, skins and collaborations

New weapon skins and items coming next month!

Free Fire gives new events every month with new prices and items which can be redeemed by in-game tokens or can be purchased by diamonds. Users will be curious to know, how can they get new attractive items or old returns. New items mostly arrive as a part of a big event and sometimes in the store as well. There are many types of upcoming items coming in Free Fire, some are weapon skins and some new collaborations will bring us new items in-game. Today in this article, we will be covering the upcoming leaks for April 2021 in Free Fire.

Upcoming Weapon skins in Free Fire

There are 10-20 upcoming Weapon skins for example M1887, AUG, and a brand new scythe skin. All the skins will come in an event or store which will be Faded Wheel, Ludo Quests etc. Others will come either in-store or as a part of a discount event( There will be 2 discount events which will be coming). The gun skins are:

Skins for the M1887 shotgun
  1. M1887: It is the best shotgun in-game and with good skin, this gun can shred through the opponent’s vest and bring Booyah. There will be quite more m1887 skin coming ahead but for now, there are three. (Attributes of the gun are not revealed yet).

2. Melee skins: This will be the first-ever scythe skins in-game and there will be many other melee weapon skin e.g. Parang, bat and mainly scythe.

Free Fire Leaks April 2021
Scythe and other melee skins coming in Free Fire next month
  • Scythe: First-ever scythe skin which will be legendary and can be obtained by discount event or any web event. This skin will be categorized as rare/pink. The main skin theme color will be gold, black and white.
  • Others melee skins:- there will be two-three legendary melee skins but they can’t be categorized because of retexturing. The others are simple. Users can get these free skins in the event in the month of April-May.
  • Rank BR skin:-there are few skins that can be claimed by achieving gold 3 rank in battle Royale Rank mode. The skin will be of scar and AN94 (Attributes are not obtained yet ).
Free Fire Leaks April 2021
Ranked BR Skins for Scar and AN94
  • Clash Squad Rank Skin:- The upcoming gun skin for obtaining gold 3 rank in clash squad rank. The gun will be of M500 (attributes are not obtained yet).
A M500 Skin for obtaining Gold 3 rank

Upcoming Collaboration items in Free Fire

There will be few possible collaborations that are set to happen in April or May. Let’s know about its details.

Free Fire Leaks April 2021
Faith Music Company collaboration will bring new vehicle skins, bag skins and more
  1. Faith Music Company:- there is a famous music company named Faith. Free Fire will public their collaboration in April. These collaborations will bring new melee skin and vehicle skins.
    • Vehicle skins:- The upcoming faith’s vehicle skin will be of Lambo/ sports car. The main theme of skin will be lime green, black and yellow. Their skill will be rated rare/pink.
    • Back bag skin and Death/loot box skins:– There will be 2 – 3 bag and loot box skins according to collaborations, the theme will be the same as vehicle skin, Lime color background, and black and white texture. (Other information has not obtained yet)

Miscellaneous event and items

  1. Easter bunny male bundle return in crates
  2. Update in awaken Kelly and new awaken Andrew:  There will be minor changes in elite Kelly skills and the next to awaken character will be Andrew.

Should you spend on any upcoming event?

If you are playing Free Fire just for fun or temporarily, there is no need to spend in-game or any event. Talking about events, there will be way more events that will be a surprise for gamers, so players should wait and act accordingly.

That’s all about Free Fire leaks for April 2021! Feel free to mention your opinions in the comments!

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