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Free Fire Locked and Loaded Moco Store Event brings exciting new in-game items

Get some of the best in-game items!

A new moco store is live in Free Fire with an inclusion of the epic and the most desired items in the game. For those who are fond of accumulating new accessories, the Free Fire Locked and Loaded Moco Store event can provide players with some of the best in-game items. With a total of 499 diamonds, players can this time claim the Art of War UMP skin, Golden Groza skin, Thrash Metallic Thomson skin, and other vintage goodies.

Free Fire Locked and Loaded Moco Store event rules

The Moco Store event started on 3rd August and will continue till 9th August 2022. The moco store event works quite the same as the in-game faded wheel event where the individuals don’t need to depend on luck to claim the items.

Mainly here in the moco store event, there are two varieties of prize sections, the Grand Prize and the Bonus Prize. Following the procedure, players need to pick any one item from each section to proceed to the next step, and lastly, they will be eligible to spin. Before participating in the event, players can quickly look at the regulations given below:

Free Fire Moco Store EventFree Fire Moco Store Event
Image via Garena
  • Each subsequent draw will require more diamonds. Cost of each draw for the current season 9, 19, 49, 99, 199, 499 respectively.
  • Gamers must save an adequate amount of diamonds in the game if they really want to acquire the exclusive rewards.
  • After a total of six spins, each of the six items in the draw is assured.

The Moco Store event will feature exciting rewards

The rewards available for players during the Free Fire Locked and Loaded Moco Store event are given below:

Grand prizes

  • UMP- Art of War.
  • Groza- Golden Roar.
  • Thomson- Thrash Metallic.
  • MAG- Lethal Finstooth.
  • MP5- Champion Boxer.
  • Parafal- Crimson Heir.

Bonus Prizes

  • Snowman Sidekick.
  • The Swan emote.
  • Hunter’s Trophy.
  • Name Change Card.
  • Applause emote.
  • Pink Dragon.

Regular Prizes

  • Bumblee Loot Crate.
  • Cube Fragment.
  • Blue flame Draco Token Box.
  • Time Limited Weapon Royale Voucher.
Locked and Loaded moco store event
Image via Garena

The UMP- Art of War skins possess a great combination including a double rate of fire and less reloading time which gives an edge to players on the battlefield. A team can be quickly eliminated by its powerful combo in a single spray. The only thing which players need to keep in mind is controlling its recoil which can enhance their battle-winning probability. 

Are you excited about the Free Fire Locked and Loaded Moco Store Event? Let us know in the comments below!

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