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Free Fire: New M1014 Apocalyptic Red Incubator Royale returns

Available for a limited time on Luck Royale!

Free Fire has added the M1014 Apocalyptic Red incubator to the Luck Royale section in the game. This event has been launched on 31 December 2021 and it will be available till 2 January 2022 in North America. However, players require to collect the Blueprint and Evolution stones to redeem the grand prizes.

Free Fire offers a variety of in-game stuff like characters, pets, gun skins, vehicle skins, and much more. Players can avail them from the in-game events. Moreover, Free Fire keeps on adding new Web events or the Luck Royale events in the game frequently.

How to get Free Fire M1014 Apocalyptic Red gun skin in Incubator Royale

The M1014 Apocalyptic Red Incubator features four different M1014 Apocalyptic gun skins as the grand prizes. All four M1014 Apocalyptic gun skins vary in their attributes. However, players need to spin in this incubator event by spending diamonds to collect Blueprints and Evolution stones.

Every single spin in the Incubator Royale costs 60 diamonds, while 5 simultaneous spins cost 270 diamonds. The Incubator wheel features 12 rewards including the Blueprints and Evolution stones. The rewards are listed below

  • Magic Cube
  • Bounty Token Play Card
  • Gift Of Love Box
  • Double EXP card
  • 800 Universal Fragments
  • Captain Bubbles Weapon Loot Crate
  • Lucky Shirt Loot Crate
  • M1014 Apocalyptic Red Blueprint
  • Evolution Stone

Also, the required items to redeem any of the four M1014 Apocalyptic gun skin is given below

Apocalyptic M1014 Gun SkinM1014 Apocalyptic Red BlueprintsEvolution Stone
M1014 Apocalyptic Red37
M1014 Apocalyptic Gold25
M1014 Apocalyptic Green13
M1014 Apocalyptic Dark13

The attributes of all four gun skins are given below

Apocalyptic M1014 Gun SkinRate Of FireReload SpeedMagazineDamageRangeAccuracy
M1014 Apocalyptic Red+++   
M1014 Apocalyptic Gold   +++
M1014 Apocalyptic Green+  ++ 
M1014 Apocalyptic Dark +++  

Besides, this event has been added to the North America server only. The event launch date and rewards may vary for other regions.

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