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Free Fire Rampage: United returns featuring characters from the previous campaigns

Awaken the power within with Rampage United!

The popular Rampage Campaign in Garena Free Fire returns this June, for its fourth and most exciting edition yet. This campaign, titled Rampage: United, presents Free Fire fans and players with an exciting new storyline in which – for the first time – all characters from the previous three Rampage campaigns will unite to save the city under generation one’s Tyson Brontes (The Director).

By watching the recap video of the previous three Rampage campaigns, players can refuel their Rampage spirit and prepare for battle. Beginning June 17, players can expect a flurry of Rampage in-game events, a brand new interface, and game mode. There can also be character costumes, rewards, skins, and more, all leading up to the Peak Day on June 25.

Director and Heroes will fight for Hyperbook in Free Fire Rampage United

The Director will bring together previous Rampage heroes in Rampage: United to battle three new villains, the Horizon forces, having strong powers linked to different weather elements. Zephyr (Fierce Wind), Misty (Heavy Rain), and Nimbus (Dark Cloud) are the villains.

Free Fire rampage United
Image via Garena

The Director and the assembled Rampage heroes will face off against the forces of Horizon to obtain the Hyperbook, a mysterious item containing powerful weapons. The fate of the city is at stake as a battle erupts to prevent the Horizon forces’ evil plans from becoming a reality. Free Fire fans and players will be among the first in the world to witness this battle in Rampage: United.

Rampage United event calendar brings exclusive events and rewards

The Rampage United event is already live in the game and will continue till July 3, 2022. Players will be able to experience the new Rampage united event and the new modes. The  Rampage United event schedule with its rewards and duration have been mentioned below:

  • Rampage Fort event: Players will have to earn rampage points by playing BR or CS matches and have to unlock all the rampage levels to claim various rewards such as a 5x weapon royale voucher, and Aqua Rogue bundle for free. This ongoing event will end on July 3, 2022.
  • Daily Sign-in: Players will have to log in to the game for seven days consecutively, to claim every reward available. Even if you miss one day, your total sign-in days will not reset. Rewards are Rampage Book token, x500 gold, Rampage book token, Rampage Solar avatar, Rampage Book token, Rampage Solar banner, Storm basher bat skin.
  • Rampage Identity Web event:  Gamers need to join the event, create their own portrait, and share it on any social media platform to unlock exclusive rewards like backpack skin, a character link box, and more. 
  • Play BR rank season:  Players must participate in the new BR rank season for a given period to unlock rewards like Crystal energy, Scan Playcard, Game Streamer Weapon Loot Crate, Champion boxer Weapon loot crate, and Rampage Book token. The event is running from June 17 to July 24.
  • Booyah Challenge: Gamers have to get Booyah from any match for a specific time to claim grand prizes. The event will run from 19th June to 24th June.
Image via Garena
  • Login Reward: Gamers have to log in to the game between June 25 and 26 to get the Aqua backpack skin for free.
  • Playtime Reward: Play the game for a given time to unlock new Katan skin. The event will run from 25th to 26th June
  • Play new mode: Play the new mode to get rampage tokens which can be exchanged to get rewards. Play the mode from 25th June to 3rd July.
  • Daily mission: Players will have to complete the daily mission to get the exclusive backpack skin from June 25 to July 3.
  • Token Exchange: Collect the tokens by playing in-game matches and exchange them to get rewards. The event duration is from June 25 to July 3.
  • Defeat challenge: Complete the Missions to go through a new rampage version or new rampage rewards. The event will run from June 29 to July 3.

This year’s Rampage campaign is centered on the slogan Awaken the power within. This is a rallying cry for all fans and players to join the Director and his army in protecting the city while also discovering their limitless potential in Free Fire and real life. Many more exciting surprises await players.

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