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Free Fire reveals Free Fire Tales: The First Battle, marks the beginning of its lore

Explore the beginning of Free Fire's lore!

With Free Fire Tales: The First Battle, fans, and gamers may get a first look at the Free Fire lore through the eyes of the main character, Hayato Yagami. The campaign is unique as it is Free Fire’s first animated series, which immerses players in the universe of Free Fire through stunning animation and dramatic storytelling.

Starting April 15, the primary film, How To Start A Fire, will be released, along with an exciting roster of activities featuring an in-game reskin, Hayato House Exploration web event, and a new Sci-Turf area, among others.

Explore the Free Fire Universe through the lens of Hayato in How To Start A Fire

The primary film, How To Start A Fire, is set to premiere on April 23 and follows Hayato Yagami as he navigates through life in search of solutions to resolve his inner issues and overcome hurdles in his path. Players can get a glimpse of the first conflict the Free Fire characters will face together through Hayato Yagami’s viewpoint, and they can look forward to immersing themselves in the universe of Free Fire.

Broken katana in the middle of Spawn island
Broken katana in the middle of Spawn island (Image via Garena)

Aside from the film, gamers can find indications of Hayato’s story in Free Fire. Starting on April 25, the campaign will feature an in-game reskin with thematic decorative items such as a movie trailer on Training Island, footprints left by the beast in Bermuda, and more to fully immerse players in the universe of Free Fire. On April 23, fans of the Lone Wolf mode will be able to travel into Hayato’s universe thanks to the new Sci-Turf terrain.

Play the Beast Run! Gameplay web event along with new Zombies mode

Players can earn tokens by completing in-game missions to enter the “Beast Run!” gameplay web event. Players have to pass through obstacles as far as possible to accumulate higher points. While fans and players eagerly anticipate the return of Free Fire Tales, they will be able to explore other new and upcoming modes and in-game events that will make the wait feel like all but one instance.

Survivors playing Free Fire will soon come up against new threats in Bermuda with the arrival of the Zombie Invasion mode on 29th April. A total of five variations of zombies await players, pushing them to give it all they have got to be the last man standing. 

Following closely behind, the new monopoly-like web event Shootersville will also launch in Free Fire on 2nd May, 2022. Players will be able to complete daily tasks and earn tokens to build their village. Upgrades to the village will generate more tokens redeemable for exclusive rewards or collectibles.

Free Fire Tales: The First Battle activities throughout April 

In the run-up to the premiere of the main feature, players can learn more about the lore through thrilling campaign activities. Players can enter the Hayato house exploring web event by simply logging into the game starting April 15.

Hayato House Exploration Web Event
Image via Garena

It includes an interactive 3D puzzle game that chronicles the aftermath of a break-in at Hayato’s home. Players will also be able to play minigames, read comics, and read books as they explore and interact with the artifacts in order to find clues and solve the mystery.

Embark on a thrilling adventure through the Free Fire Tales series

Free Fire is constantly striving to provide high-quality material to fans and players all over the world through creative formats, allowing them to explore and dive deeper into the universe of Free Fire.

On April 23, fans and gamers of Free Fire can look forward to the release of the main film, How to Start a Fire. More information on the Free Fire animated series can be found on its social handles.

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