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Free Fire Season 36 Elite Pass: New Bundles, Weapons, Skins and more

The new elite pass is coming!

Free Fire is a very popular game and as such it keeps rolling out fresh new content for the players every few weeks. With every update, developers bring 2 new elite passes which can be pre-ordered or purchased in the game later. Players normally have a Fire pass which includes all free items but the elite pass contains rewards worth 10,000 diamonds and more. In this article, we will let you know about the latest addition to Free Fire, the Season 36 Elite pass which will be arriving in May 2021.

Free Fire Season 36 Elite Pass: Bundles

Male and Female Bundles

In Free Fire elite pass most important and most used items are bundles which are obtained when players complete collecting 50 and 225 badges.

Male bundle

The Free Fire season 36 Elite pass brings the theme of joker and crime. Bundles have a colored theme of black, white, and red with minor blue on the vest. These bundles come in 6 pieces – Jacket (Hide vest), Pant, Shoes, Hat (hide helmet), Mask (Hides helmet), and face paint (hide helmet) which can be used separately too. This bundle is obtained at 225 badges in Elite pass.

 Season 36 Elite Pass Male Bundle

Female Bundle

Female Bundle of elite pass 36 is based on the face of mischief and Crime. With bundle having the color combination of  Red, white, and gold. This bundle comes in 6 pieces same as the male bundle. Moreover, this bundle is obtained after completing 50 badges.

 Season 36 Elite Pass Female Bundle

Free Fire Free Fire Season 36 Elite PassNew Skins

Death Box/Loot Box Skin

Death Box/Loot Box Skin

Death Box is an item that is shown when the player eliminates an opponent. Most of the time these items are used for show-off. In this season the death box will have a color combination of blue, white with a very less amount of red. The main theme of this death box is again joker and evil. This item will be rated as legendary/yellow in the collection.

Surfboard Skin

Surfboard Skin

Surfboards are also very important items/skin which are used to show off or make gameplay more colorful. The color theme of the surfboard will be Red and gold with green/lime as animation on a surfboard. The surfboard skin will be unlocked after completing 100 badges in the elite pass.

Backpack Skins

There are generally 3 different stages of the bag which are levels 1,2, and 3 which can be obtained in-game. The exclusive elite pass bag pack skin has the main theme of joker in playing cards. Let’s see changes in every level of the bag.

Level 1: The earliest level of the bag looks like a square-shaped chamber with a knife stuck side-way.  The main color theme is black and red. This bag skin is obtained when the player equips Level 1 bag in the match ( Battle Royale)

Free Fire Season 36 Elite Pass

Level 2: In the second level of the bag, the player will be able to notice changes of structure from one square to 2 different square chambers with 2 knives stuck on the bag. The Colour theme of the bag will be red, blue, and gold. This bag will again change according to player inventory.

Free Fire Season 36 Elite Pass

Level 3: This is the final level of the bag. At this level, the player can notice animations occurring on the bag with 3 chambers as the main body. This will have legendary/yellow background in the collection. This bag can be obtained after completing 200 badges.

Free Fire Season 36 Elite Pass

Weapon Skins

There will be two weapon skins with one grenade skin provided free after completing  10, 80, and 25 badges respectively. Lets know the details


SPAS 12 is not an automatic shotgun but has the highest damage and decent range with the highest rate of fire. A skin of spas can make users more confident to use this underrated gun. This gun has a color theme of pink, red, and brown. But this skin is categorized as Blue/common in terms of rarity.

Free Fire Season 36 Elite Pass


Plasma is the gun with only 2 skins available in-game till now. This will have 3 skins that will not have any stats/ attributes. The color combination of the skin will be Red, pink, and white. This skin will be rated as Blue/common in terms of rarity.

Free Fire Season 36 Elite Pass

Final Thoughts

Players would be thinking if the Free Fire Season 36 Elite Pass is worth spending 500-1000 diamonds or not. Yes, indeed the passes are rare worth 3,000-4,000 in real-life money. Also, every elite pass has items worth 10,000 diamonds each. So then the question arises that should players purchase it when it arrives? Our suggestion would be NOT to do that. This is because there are great chances of a new discount event arriving in the month of May which is also the month of elite pass 36 or we can say Season 36. So players should wait until that arrives and then move ahead accordingly.

That’s all about the upcoming Free Fire Season 36 Elite Pass! Feel free to mention your opinions in the comments!

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