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Free Fire Xm8 Incubator leak: Everything you need to know

A brand new incubator skin is on the way!

Free Fire is a massive battle royal game that has a wide player base. To maintain the position as top-grossing games it often adds something new to the game like various unique skins, characters, etc. One such unique and innovative skin is the brand new Xm8 Incubator Skin. This gun skin comes with many interesting new stats that were not seen in any gun skin till now and above all, it is based on the Halloween event. This Free Fire Xm8 Incubator guide will tell you everything you need to know about this new skin. However, if you want some in-depth information about incubators, you can check our detailed incubator guide.

What is the Xm8 Incubator Skin in Free Fire?

The Xm8 Incubator Skin is pretty different from the previous gun incubators. But again, Garena brought the latest gun incubator –The Xm8. The main interface of Xm8 will be based on the Halloween event and the Blueprint structure can’t be forgotten, which are pieces of the collection.

All about the Blueprint structure of Xm8 Incubator skin

Free Fire Xm8 Incubator guide

The blueprint and Incubator interface of Xm8 might not be that interesting but the structure of guns and stats will be fascinating. There are in total four Xm8 skins with two New stats. Here are the four xm8 skins in Free Fire.

1. The Fiery Pumpkin Xm8

It’s a great addition to the fiery gun collection. Apart from its look, the stats are also great and it will cost 7 evolution stone and 3 blueprint. This skin has 20℅ increase in the rate of fire and 10℅ increase in  the accuracy but 10℅ decrease in  the reload speed. This gun will be at the top of incubator section.

2. The Sinister Pumpkin Xm8

Free Fire Xm8 Incubator guide

The Second gun skin in the queue of evil pumpkin incubator, with two of the newest gun stats of gun which is penetration. Penetration is the feature that helps in destroying the enemy’s armor faster than default gun skin. It’s easy to increase/decrease player speed while holding gun skin with it’s latest stats.

There is 20℅ increase in penetration , 10℅ increase in range and 10℅ decrease in player speed with requirement of 5 evolution stone and 2 blueprint. Now lets begin with the cheaper section.

3. The Toxic Pumpkin Xm8

The third gun skin in our queue of Evil pumpkin incubator is The Toxic Pumpkin Xm8. This is also a great collection to venom/ toxic weapon series. There will be 20℅ increase in range and 10℅ increase in the rate of fire but there is 10℅ decrease in magazine with requirement of 3 evolution stone and 1 blueprint.

4. The Poison Pumpkin Xm8

Free Fire Xm8 Incubator guide

The last gun skin of our incubator queue is The Poison Pumpkin Xm8. This skin will cost 2 evolution stones and 1 blueprint. Furthermore, there will be a 20℅ increase in the magazine and 10℅ increase in damage but a 10℅ decrease in reload speed.


Every skin works differently in different scenarios. The Fiery Pumpkin Xm8 works best in long-range, the Poison Pumpkin Xm8 has a low reload speed, etc. So different types of players will like different types of skins just like choosing different character skills. Finally, the Xm8 Incubator skin will arrive in the game by December.

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