G-Star 2022 by Korea Game Industry Association to be held from November 17 to 20

Will be held offline this year!

This year, G-Star 2022 will be held offline, which will be the first time since the Covid-19 outbreak. The organizing committee said that cultural and sports events such as exhibitions and performances are rapidly normalizing. The committee decided after taking into consideration all the circumstances. 

The participation policy will be revised so that both the exhibitor and G-Star can start preparing for the event early. The on-site reception stage has been added to the existing two-step participation application structure of early registration and general registration, and applications for G-Star 2023 will be available at the BEXCO field office where G-Star 2022 will be held.

G-Star 2022: Overview

G-Star is an annual trade show for the video game industry presented by the Korea Association of Game Industry and Busan IT Promotion Agency held in November each year. Originally held in the Seoul Capital Area, it was relocated to Busan in 2009. It is the South Korean equivalent of E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo), for starters.

G-Star 2022 by Kgames
Image via K-Games

Depending on the application period, G-Star will proceed in three stages: ‘on-site reception’, ‘early reception’, ‘ and ‘general reception’. The committee has announced that they will start accepting applications for ‘G-Star 2022’ from 2 pm on Monday, April 4, 2022.

Furthermore, the G-Star committee will be reorganizing the participation policy and aims to improve the quality of ‘G-Star’ as this becomes the first offline G-Star event after the coronavirus pandemic. The committee has stated that their priority is to improve the exhibition environment, expand convenience facilities and expand additional events while maintaining all the Covid safety protocols.

G-Star 2022: Schedule

Entry Schedule

  • Super Early Bird Application: 2022/04/04 (Mon), 14:00 ~ 05.06 (Fri), 16:00
  • Sponsorship Application: 2022/04/13 (Wed)
  • Early Application: 2022/0/25(Wed), 14:00 ~ 06.22(Wed), 16:00
  • In case of an early closing, transfer to the general application immediately.
  • General application: 2022.06.29.(Wed) ~ 09.23.(Fri)


  • [BTC] 2022/11/17.(Thu) ~ 11.20 (Sun), 4 days
  • [BTB] 2022/11/17.(Thu) ~ 11.19 (Sat), 3 days


BEXCO Exhibition and Convention Center. Check here to see it on Google maps.

bexco, g-star, gstar korea
A scene from G-Star 2015 (Image via BusinessWire)


BTC program

  • Offline: Bexco exhibition hall and outdoor facilities
  • Facilities and spaces used outside the exhibition hall will be announced later (all over Busan)
  • Online: Online broadcasting through G-Star TV

BTB program

  •  Offline: Bexco exhibition hall
  • Online: use of various devices, non-face-to-face video Meetings (Live Biz Matching)
  • Offline and online parallel operation of official and incidental events (to be announced later)

Meanwhile, ‘G-Star 2022’, hosted by the Korea Game Industry Association (K-GAMES) and co-hosted by the G-Star Organizing Committee and the Busan Information Industry Promotion Agency, will be held for four days from November 17 (Thu) to 20 (Sun). The pilot application for Super Early Bird will start on April 4 (Mon). Head on to official G-stars website for any upcoming updates.

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