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COD Mobile: Garena might let the players choose the game mode in ranked

The developer team are taking this into consideration to let the players choose the game modes in the ranked games of COD Mobile. Until now, players are not able to choose their preferred game modes while play ranked games. But it seems like the feature of choosing the preferred game modes might arrive soon in Call of Duty Mobile, if everything goes well.

Current scenario and future prospects of COD Mobile ranked games

Right now, the players only get ‘Team Deathmatch’, ‘Domination’ and ‘Search and Destroy’ as their options. But they do not get the chance to choose which mode they want to play. These 3 game modes unlock one by one as they climb up the ladder. And if we take a closer look, the ranked screen actually mentions that the modes are determined by the number of players. But it is evident that Call of Duty Mobile is having a huge player base. So what is going on now?

call of duty mobile ranked
The current scenario in Call of Duty Mobile ranked games

Recently, the official Garena Call of Duty Mobile Facebook page has been found taking surveys about this issue. They have mentioned,

Do you want to select your modes when you play Ranked? Is it a YES or NO? Think TDM is too casual for ranked? S&D too hard? Let us KNOW your thoughts!

You can also be a part of the survey by clicking here. “It will only take less than a minute but it could create wonders for you on the battlefield” they have added. While they have clearly mentioned, collecting the user feedback doesn’t mean they are implementing this, players can believe that the developers are taking this into consideration to give the players the freedom to choose their preferred game mode.

So what do you think? Would you like to choose your own preferred game mode? or you like getting matched in random game modes? Let us in the comments below.

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