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Garena starts imposing bans on illegitimate Free Fire accounts for two days citing reasons

Beware of your in-game activities!

According to a statement made by Garena, the developers of Free Fire, users can have their Free Fire accounts banned for two days, which prevents them from playing modes in teams or at a competitive level. And also alongside this, Garena has issued some guidelines as well, abiding which can help players not get their accounts banned. Nowadays, it’s common practice in the game to cheat, hack, and use third-party software. The game’s creators have implemented some severe precautions to stop this.

Garena’s statement on the two-day account bans

If it is discovered that a player is intentionally playing with hackers, their account will be suspended for two days, according to the statement. Simply put, those who collaborate with hackers to rank up in CS or Rank mode will have their accounts suspended for two days as a sort of warning to refrain from repeating this behavior. They will first receive an in-game notification, and if they disregard it, they will receive a two-day ban.

We’ve noticed that certain players have been teaming up with cheaters to raise the rank in an irregular manner. To ensure the fair game that is the face of Free Fire , we have fine-tuned our security system to punish accounts that exhibit this type of behavior


A set of guidelines has been established by the developers, and if it is not followed, players will risk their Free Fire accounts being banned.

Free Fire accounts banned
Image via Garena
  • Users will receive a warning notice to discontinue engaging in such deceptive behavior if they play in a team or ranked modes with a hacker.
  • If the warning is disregarded and the account continues to assist cheaters, playing in ranked modes or any other team modes may be prohibited for the account for two days.
  • If an account collaborates with cheaters during numerous matches on the same day, it will also be banned from team mode for two days.

Players must cooperate to get rid of cheaters and cheating so that everyone can have a positive experience on Frifas. To create the most realistic, enjoyable, and engaging experience for our beloved small game, Garena has asked for the cooperation and support of all Free Fire players to give a fair experience.

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